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Media (Images, Audio, Video, Documents) - Adding Images

Adding a file from your computer

Place your cursor in the contents area approximately where you would like to put your image and click on one of the icons after Upload/Insert above your toolbar to begin:

Page Toolbar

(Note: It does not matter which button you choose–Image, Video, Audio, Other–as all media goes to the Media Library regardless of type.)

A pop-up window will appear with several tabs at the top:

Images - Upload a file from your computer

The default selection is From Computer, which allows you to upload a photo from your hard drive. Click the Select Files button, choose the file(s) you want to add, then click OK.  Your files will upload and appear in a list at the bottom of the screen:

Images - File Upload Tab

From URL

The From URL tab allows you to insert an image that exists elsewhere on the web:

Images - From URL Tab

Note: All UMaine website administrators should adhere to basic copyright law with regards to images found elsewhere on the web. Please see our Copyright and Libel Primer for more information.


The Gallery tab is a list of any photos or other media you’ve already added to this particular page or post. See Creating Photo Galleries for more information about how to use the Gallery tab.

Media Library

You also have the option of selecting an image you’ve previously uploaded by clicking on the Media Library tab:

Images - Media Library Tab

Click the “Show” link next to the image you want to insert for a list of options or to insert the image into the content area.

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