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Media (Images, Audio, Video, Documents) - Adding Documents

WordPress allows you to easily upload and link to documents from your website. To do so, you’ll follow steps similar to Adding Images, except the end result will be a plain text link to the document of your choice instead of an image.

Place your cursor in the contents area approximately where you would like to put your document link and click on one of the icons after Upload/Insert above your toolbar to begin:

Page Toolbar

(Note: It does not matter which button you choose–Image, Video, Audio, Other–as all media goes to the Media Library regardless of type.)

A pop-up window will appear with several tabs at the top:

Documents - Upload a file from your computer

Click on Select Files and browse to the document you want to upload. After the upload process is complete, you’ll be brought to an options screen:

Adding Documents

To insert a link to your document:

  • The document will be linked with the text in the Title box. This can be changed later if desired.
  • Click once on the File URL button under Link URL to ensure the document will be properly linked. The direct URL to the document will appear in the text box.
  • Click Insert into Post to insert the document link into the content area.

A linked document

Note: This link can be edited using the Link Tool. See Creating Links Within a Page for more information.

The document will also remain in your Media Library for later use.

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