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Links - UMaine 1.0

When using the UMaine 1.0 design, the Links section of WordPress powers the dark gray footer of your website:

Sample UMaine Footer

Note the gray area will not appear on your website until you’ve added at least one link to the Links section. The footer is a good place to add links to related programs, sponsors or helpful resources. You can have up to 6 categories (columns) of links with up to 10 links per category.

To add a new link, click on Links -> Add New or to edit an existing link, click on the link title in the list. You’ll be brought to this screen:

Add or edit a link

  • Name is the text you want to be linked.
  • Web Address is the link URL, including http://.
  • Description (optional) is a brief description of the link.
  • Categories allow you to organize your links in columns with headers you define. You can have up to 6 categories of links in the footer of your website with 10 links per category.
  • Target opens your link in the same window or a new window.
  • The “Keep this link private” option will add the link to your administration area but not to the website footer.

When you’ve filled in the required options, click the blue “Add/Update Link” button to add your link to the footer.

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