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Getting Started - Header images and Rotating Banners

Header image

The Header screen allows you to add a banner image to your website.

Click on the Browse button to upload a JPG, GIF or PNG file. Note that the size of the original image must be greater than or equal to the given dimensions or your image will be stretched/skewed.

You’ll be brought to a screen where you can crop the image to your liking. When you’re finished, hit the Crop Header button and you will see your custom header as it appears on the website:

Adding a Custom Header

Rotating banners

If a static header image on the home page doesn’t appeal to you, you have the option of replacing the Header with a series of rotating pictures. You can have as many images in the “pool” as you want; the rotator will choose five at random and cycle through them each time someone visits your website.

Please contact the web office ( if you would like to set up a rotating banner for your website.

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