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Widgets - Using the UMaine 1.0 Alternate Home Page

The Wide Home Page refers to the larger, “widget-ized” home page template as demonstrated on the Sample UMaine Website.

You need to be using the UMaine 1.0 design and have set your home page template to Wide Home Page in order for this option to work. For more information on setting page templates, see Using Page Templates.

The “Main” sidebar on the Appearance -> Widgets page powers the entire Wide Home Page. Each “box” or content area on the page is a widget:

Widgets Management for the Wide Home Page

There are several widgets that must be enabled on your website by the Web Office should you choose to use the Wide Home Page template. These widgets provide additional functionality unique to the Wide Home Page.

Note that this template is intended to be a website’s home page; subsequent pages on the website will use the standard template with navigation on the right-hand side.

It’s important to note that the Wide Home Page template requires more maintenance and more knowledge of website design than the standard template. The Web Office recommends using the standard template until you’re comfortable working with the WordPress CMS.

For more information, please contact Caroline Moore at 581-3721.

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