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Menus - Using the UMaine 2.0 Alternate Home Page

The UMaine 2.0 Alternate Home Page uses WordPress Menus to form the navigation on the website’s home page.

Each of the 5 columns of links on the home page is a WordPress Menu, so you’ll need at least 5 menus configured to use this design.

To add a new menu, click the + sign next to the tabs on the right. To edit an existing menu’s links or title, click on its tab:

Adding and Editing Menus

Add your links using the options to the left–you can choose from Custom Links, Pages, Posts, Post Tags and Post Categories. Note: Posts and Post Tags are not enabled by default; you can activate them by going to the Screen Options tab in the upper right.

Select the items you want to add to the active menu and hit the Add to Menu button. Don’t forget to click Save Menu to save your changes:

Available Menu Options - Custom Links, Pages, Posts and Categories

To set the order of the menus on the home page, use the Theme Locations panel on the left:

Theme Locations

Note that this template is intended to be a website’s home page; subsequent pages on the website will use the standard template with navigation on the right-hand side.

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