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What We Offer - Website Templates

Web templates are available for colleges and departments to use. The UMaine 4.0 templates offer a more contemporary look and feel.  They have larger images, an open layout and a minimized header and footer.  One has horizontal navigation.

Following the successful design and brand of the UMaine home page, the alternate home page is perfect for those departments who have a lot of content they want to display upfront in clean, easy-to-navigate menus. Menus are customizable with your categories and links.

In most cases, switching between the previous design and the new design is a quick and easy process. Contact the Web Office if you’re interested in moving your website into the WordPress content management system or upgrading to the new design.

UMaine 4.0 Standard Home PageStandard template

The standard template is a versatile solution for most website needs (this Web Office site makes use of the standard template). We recommend this template for most sites, and we can transition to a more complicated template if your site outgrows its capabilities.

Sites using the standard template include the Web Office, Student Life, and Office of the President.

UMaine Horizontal and Sidebar Navigation 4.0Horizontal Navigation

The Horizontal Navigation template displays your navigation beneath the banner. This is a good option if your site needs two levels of navigation, or if you want to feature content atop the right column (such as a news feed, recent tweets, or upcoming events).

Sites using the horizontal navigation template include the Honors College, International Programs, and Maine Business School.

UMaine 2.0 Alternate Home PageAlternate Home Page

The Alternate Home Page is works best for sites with a large amount of content, where you need to provide many links up front. This only applies to the Home page.  Subpages will display in the Standard Template format.

Sites using the alternate home page template include the Cooperative Extension, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and the Office of Human Resources

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