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Service Request Forms - Account Requests

You’re just a few steps away from making your website a part of the University of Maine community.

Below is all the information you’ll need to establish your department or affiliated organization’s website and have it linked within the official University of Maine website.  The university now uses an approved template that is driven by a content management system.  This template, which you see on this page, reinforces the university’s brand, while still allowing for users to incorporate their own brand into the site.

Your account request will be reviewed by the Web Office staff.  We may contact you with questions before activating your account, so please include up-to-date contact information in your request.

  1. Review the Official Standards for UMaine Websites
    Review of these standards will help ensure that your website meets the requirements needed to be officially linked from the University of Maine website.

  2. Review the URL Naming Policy for UMaine Websites
    Review of this policy will help ensure that your new website URL is as intuitive and user-friendly as possible.

  3. Request an Account on the Web server
    This will initiate the process of setting up an account.
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