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Accessibility - Web Accessibility Letter

The University of Maine is undertaking a major initiative to ensure that all of its Web pages are accessible, according to the federal government’s Section 508 Priority 1 guidelines (see: for more about Section 508). This is necessary to assure that all users can access and benefit from University of Maine Web content. It is also a requirement of the University of Maine System, as noted in Administrative Practice Letter #8 (, amended December 2006).

The University’s Accessible Information Committee conducts workshops each year to help those who develop Web content to make their content and websites accessible. Check the Web Office Accessibility page for workshop information at:

This page also contains links to Web accessibility information and free tools to check sites for accessibility.

Please make plans to check the accessibility of your Web pages to help bring the University into compliance. Thank you.

–John Gregory, Executive Director, Information Technologies at the University of Maine

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