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Educational Programs - Introduction to Beekeeping Course

*  The class is full as of 1/31/2014.  Please contact Tara Wood at 255-3345 or by email at to be placed on the waiting list.  Thank you.

Introduction to Beekeeping Course

Date(s):  Tuesdays, February 25 – March 25, 2014
Time: 6:30-8:30 pm
Class location: University of Maine at Machias
Cost: $50 per person includes The Beekeeper’s Handbook (4th edition) by Diana Sammataro and Alphonse Avitabile

Presented by:
University of Maine Cooperative Extension Washington County Office and Andrew Dewey, Maine State Beekeepers Association


Photo by Scott Bauer.

Instructor: Andrew Dewey, Washington County Beekeepers Association and Tony Jadczack, Maine State Apiarist

Coordinators: Andrew Dewey, 266-7294 and Marjorie Peronto, University of Maine Cooperative Extension

Session Topics and Dates:

Session #1 -

  • What is A Honey Bee Colony? (And how did it get into that box in my back yard?)
  • Hive Inspections
  • An overview of a year in the bee yard

Session # 2 -

  • Bee Biology
  • Gathering & Assembling Equipment
  • Support for new beekeepers

Session # 3 -

  • Spring and Summer Management
  • Swarming / Splitting
  • Honey Production

Session #4 –

  • Fall and Winter Management
  • Preparing Hives for winter

Session #5 –

  • Identification and Control of Diseases, Parasites and Predators of Honey Bees

Session #6 – Beekeepers’ Field Day
Look inside a hive and see the difference between workers and drones, learn to recognize brood, pollen and honey.  Participants will gather for a hands-on experience of viewing and handling honey bees at the home of Andrew Dewey in Jonesboro.

Questions about the course may be addressed to Andrew Dewey:

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