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4-H News in Washington County ~ June 2014


Dates to Remember

June 20, 21 & 22- Maine 4-H Days at Windsor Fairgrounds

June 28 – July 5- Citizenship Washington Focus (CWF)

June 30 – Deadline – Animal Approval Forms and Lease Forms are Due in the 
Extension Office – No Exceptions!

July 4 – Independence Day – Extension Office Closed

August 28 – September 1 – Blue Hill Fair


Quoddy Kids Explore Whales

On April 22, the Quoddy Kids traveled to the University of Maine at Machias and met with Professor M. Gayle Kraus to learn more about whales. They enjoyed a swim at the fitness center on campus afterwards. Thank-you to the Harmon Foundation for the funds to support this trip.

Quoddy Kids standing under the skeleton of a humpback whale.

Quoddy Kids standing under the skeleton of a humpback whale.


4-H Super Sitter Course Held in Machias

4-H Super Sitters are on the loose! Seven new babysitters completed the course on May 10th and are ready to watch over and take care of their siblings, cousins, and neighborhood youth! They learned how to work with different ages and stages of children, when and how to call 911, how to change and feed and baby, and even how to make some easy and healthy snacks for older children! Way to go!

Participants making a healthy snack during the 4-H Super Sitter Course.

Participants making a healthy snack during the 4-H Super Sitter Course.

The 4-H Super Sitter Course participants display the bags they created during the course.

The 4-H Super Sitter Course participants display the bags they created during the course.



4-H@UMaine, held May 16 & 17 this year, was attended by four Washington County youth and 100 youth statewide. Each participant spent the night at a dorm on the University of Maine (Orono) campus, enjoyed meals in the dining halls, and chose three workshops to attend. Topics included composite materials, embryology, fundamentals of acting, aquaculture, high-altitude ballooning, dance, field skills for the forest, ecology, ocean waves, veterinary medicine, permaculture, chemical engineering, nanotechnology and nutrition and health.

4-H@Umaine 4-H@Umaine


Fair Time - Reminder that fair time will be upon us soon. We hope you are getting your projects ready for the Exhibit Hall. Has your club discussed a club exhibit? The theme this year is “Wow! 4-H Does That?” The exhibit cards are in the office now. Blue Hill Fair books should arrive soon. The fair book is on line including entry blanks at: If you are unable to pick up your copy or download the forms, please give us a call and we’ll mail you a book.


Blue Hill Fair Books – Methel Wilbur, Blue Hill Fair Exhibit Hall Superintendent, gave a talk before the last Hancock leader’s meeting about the fair book. She offered the following helpful hints.

• Leather will be separate this year (it has been judged with crafts before).

• Rule #6 will say that there will be no more than ten (10) Best Project and from those ten, one Best of Show will be chosen.

• Please fill out the bottom part of the exhibit card for the Cloverbuds. Sometimes it is very hard for the judges to read their printing.

• Remember to put the name of the club on a 3×5 card for the club exhibit. Do not attach it to the exhibit – place it upside down on the exhibit. The judges are not to know the name of the 
club while judging. Methel will display the club name after it as been judged.

• On the Hall Exhibit Entry form, please list all items for each youth at once. Do not skip a space. Enter the next youth and all the items in the following space. Continue the same way 
for all club members. Please, do not list by items such as all woodworking, all cooking, etc.

• By keeping the names in order, it will be easier to do the premium more accurately.

• The club exhibit is allowed a 4×4 foot space. Bring your own table.

• Follow the rules as shown in the Blue Hill Fair book to help the check in go smoothly. Methel has a lot to do, so let’s do our part to make life easier for her!


Pre-Fair News

By Christy Fitzpatrick, Former Aroostook County Extension Educator

Fair time will be here before we know it It’s time to start getting ourselves and our animals ready to go!

Am I ready for Fair?

Have I thought about how I will use my Fair experience in the future? Am I responsible, respectful, trustworthy, fair, caring, and a good citizen?

• How will I make sure that my animals are well taken care of during fair?

• How will I support other 4-H members?

• How can I show respect to 4-H volunteers, judges, fair staff and the public?

• What can I do to make the fair the best experience possible for everyone attending?

Are my Exhibits ready for Fair?

• Is my project going to represent my best effort and my ongoing project work?

• Have I read the requirements for the exhibit carefully?

• Have I prepared a life skills wheel and an Exhibit Judging card ready for each exhibit?

• How is my project record for my exhibits coming along? Are my animals ready for Fair?

• Am I doing everything necessary to make sure my animals will have a safe and stress free fair?

• Have all my animals that need an approved rabies vaccine, received it?

• Have I checked with my vet to see what other vaccinations my animals might need?

• Am I working with my animal EVERY day to make sure it is ready to be shown?

• Are my forms all collected in a notebook including my animal approval and lease forms, vaccination and other immunization forms and registration papers?

Here are some more tips to help get your animals ready for fair….

• Start preparing animals 30-60 days before fair. Get them used to as many fair con- ditions as possible including noise, being tied or confined, being with other animals, being around strangers. Start them on the same feeding schedule they will be on at the fair.

• To make sure animals drink enough during fair, add a little molasses or a few drops of lemon juice to their drinking water to cover up the taste about 2 weeks before fair. Then add it to the water at the fair.

• If hooves need to be trimmed, do this 2-3 weeks before fair so they will have time to toughen.

• If you are raising a market animal, make sure that you are aware of withdrawal times for anything you put into or on your animal. Make sure you have accurate records. Remember that your animal will be processed either during or after fair and that you are responsible for insuring that your buyer has a safe product!

• Make sure the trailer you are using is clean and disinfected.


4-H, Good Character, and Showing at the Fair this Summer

Fair season is upon us and 4-H members are busy getting their projects, demonstrations and animals ready for exhibit. Making high quality exhibits or preparing a demonstration or an animal for showing takes a lot of time and patience. But also remember that you will be showing something else at the fair, your character.

One of the main reasons we go to fairs is to teach other people about the 4-H program. Learning about and using good character is one of the most important parts of the 4-H program, so all 4-H members are expected to “exhibit” the six pillars of character!

∗ Before you get to the fair, think about how you are going to prepare to exhibit yourself as a person of good character!

∗ A person who exhibits good character is trustworthy. Having your own animals for show, being where you say you’re going to be, returning what you borrow, and making sure that your market animals meet food safety standards are all ways you can show trustworthiness.

∗ A person of character is responsible. His or her animals have fresh water, food, and a clean space. Responsible 4-H members do not allow anyone to bother any animal for any reason, even as a joke. Responsible members make sure that their animals are under control and keep the public’s safety foremost in their minds.

∗ 4-H members of good character are respectful. They treat all other 4-H members, volunteers and parents politely. They answer questions respectfully even when they have heard the question 100 times already. Respectful behavior means treating judges and other fair officials courteously, accepting judges’ decisions gracefully, congratulating members who win classes, and managing to stay calm and positive when things don’t go their way.

∗ Fairness and caring should also be shown by 4-H members. Fairness requires that members do their own work and never submit anything as theirs that was not done by them. Fairness means following the rules and treating all fellow competitors as you want them to treat you. 4-H members show caring by sharing their knowledge and equipment with younger members. They do not engage in rough behavior where someone could get hurt. They do not pull pranks on other members of their exhibits.

∗ Finally, 4-H exhibitors show that they are good citizens. They are in their area when they are supposed to be there and help keep it neat and attractive. They are on time for shows and events, and they follow the 4-H rules of the fair.

∗ Every member should make sure what you “show” of yourself is blue ribbon quality!


Club and Individual Member Reports – We want to hear from you! We want to let everyone know what is going on with your 4-H projects and 4-Hers. Send photos and reports to Nicole at by the 20th of each month so we can be sure to share your news with all our Washington County 4-Hers. If there is not space enough, it will be in the following newsletter.


Cooking with the Kids

Zucchini Coins

1/2 cup whole-wheat panko bread crumbs
1/4 cup grated Parmesan
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
1 large egg
1/4 cup all-purpose flour
2 medium zucchini, cut into 1/4-inch circles
Olive- or canola-oil spray
Marinara sauce for dipping, optional

Make It
1. Preheat the oven to 450 degrees F.

2. Combine bread crumbs, Parmesan, salt, and garlic powder in a small bowl. Whisk the egg in a second bowl and place the flour in a third bowl.

3. Make an assembly line with the bowls. Dip the zucchini circles first into the flour, then the egg, and finally the bread-crumb mixture, coating them evenly.

4. Place on a baking rack set over a baking sheet and spray with oil. Pop into the oven for 20 minutes, or until bread crumbs are golden. Serve with marinara sauce if desired.


Lisa’s 4-H Activity Challenge of the Month

Finally! Sunshine and warm days are here! This month features an activity challenge that is just right to get outside and enjoy it all. You can do it inside, but why not get outdoors and soak up the good weather instead?

Bubble Mania – Basic Bubbling

In this 4-H activity, from the YES Science Series from Penn State University, you get to blow bubbles in your cup, just like we have always been told NOT to do! We will experiment with different liquids and cups and straws to see which blows the best bubbles. There is no need to worry about your table manners today – just be prepared to get messy and have lots of fun.

Gather your materials

You will need two cups and two straws for each person as well as water and liquid dish soap.

The Activity

Water, like all substances, is made of molecules (H2O) that are too small to see.
These water molecules are attracted to each other. The effect of this attraction is called surface tension. Surface tension makes the water act as if it has an elastic skin. In this activity, we will get to experiment with what happens to surface tension when you add other substances to the water.

1) Take your two cups and label one SOAP and one WATER.
2) To each cup, measure and add 1/3 cup water.
3) To the cup labeled SOAP, add 10 drops liquid detergent.
4) Now put one straw in each, blow through them one at a time, and see what happens. It’s okay to let the bubbles overflow. This is what makes science fun!

Talk it Over the 4-H Way!

Share… What shape are the bubbles? Can you see any colors in the bubbles? Does it make a difference if you blow gently or hard?

Process… Do you think you can make a bubble without air or wind? Which liquid made the best bubbles? Why do you think this is so? What happens? What makes the best bubble? How do you think surface tension was affected by the soap?

Generalize… What other times do you see that something added to water changes how it looks or moves? List some of these substances and think together about why that is.

Apply… Try your experiment again. What happens if you use more or less soap in your cup? What happens if you use something other than a straw to blow bubbles? What do you think you have in your kitchen that might work?

More 4-H Challenges… Try to make your own bubble experiments based on your sharing. What substances did you come up with other than soap might make bubbles of some kind as well? Try it out!

Send us a picture and a quick note about how your experiment went – what did you discover that surprised you? What would you share with groups that are planning to do this activity based on your experience.

For more Bubble Mania challenges, information and trivia around this activity (plus some test design hints!), check out the YES Science Series from Penn State University This activity can be found in the Bubble Mania section of that series (Farm Physics, pages 32-33) and is available online at


School News

Welcome to Step by Step Daycare – our newest 4-H School Group!!!!

We are so excited to welcome Step by Step Daycare to our 4-H family! While this daycare serves kids from 2 months to 12 years, it has a good number of youth afterschool and on breaks coming regularly that are a perfect age for 4-H. In fact, since many kids from our Ella Lewis School, one of our 4-H School Groups, come to Step by Step, there are a whole bunch of 4-Hers already there, so what a great way to keep the 4-H hands-on learning going out of school, too! Step by Step Daycare serves youth from Cherryfield, Milbridge, Steuben and beyond.

It all started when Cissy Jellison, owner of Step by Step, and a group of other daycare providers participated in the 4-H Afterschool Training this past fall. From there, Cissy decided that having a connection with 4-H and the University to help get resources and ideas for the kids was a natural fit. Now Step by Step is partnering with 4-H, Food Corp and Farm to School to get hands-on science, gardening and healthy living activities going.

Already in this past month, the kids have learned about embryology while hatching chicks for a 4-H project – and how to make the best of things when things don’t go as you planned – only one chick hatched, but now they have one very well-loved chick and have done trouble shooting to make sure the next time they try in a week or two that they have a higher hatch rate. They also set up their own vermiculture bin (worm bin) over April vacation – so they can make great soil for their seedlings and gardens. They also had a training on daycare gardening and, from that, have now started sprouts for the kids to grow and harvest for their lunches and snacks. Yum!

There are many more plans in the works, including 4-H VOLT training for all the very talented staff, teachers and helpers & a vegetable garden for the summer, so watch for updates. We are sure there will be plenty!

School news photos for June 2014. School news photos for June 2014. School news photos for June 2014.


Guidelines for 4-H Animal Shows at Agricultural Fairs

For anyone planning on showing their 4-H animal project at fairs this year, please be sure to fill out your animal approval and/or lease form by June 30th.

Are you new to 4-H? Is this your first 4-H animal project? Are you a new club leader and have youth who would like to show or work with animals? Nicole and Lisa are here to help you! Call us with any questions you may have. We are happy to meet with you and help you in any way we can. We hope to see you at the fair!

For more information on animal approval forms visit the website. For rules on leasing animals visit the 4-H state website.

Guidelines for 4-H Animal Shows at Agricultural Fairs

Maine 4-H members who wish to show animals at Maine Agricultural Shows must abide by the current Regulations for 4-H Shows at Maine Agricultural Fairs. These regulations include, among other things, allowing leased animals in 4-H Shows and requiring exhibitors to present the standard Approval Form for 4-H Animal Shows.

The Approval Form for 4-H Animal Shows certifies that the youth is an enrolled 4-H member in good standing and that the animals listed on the form are the ones being used in the project on the date the form was signed by the appropriate Extension staff member. The 4-H leader must sign the form on the line immediately below the last animal listed. A 4-H staff member in the county where the member is enrolled in that particular animal project must sign the form on the signature line at the bottom. An embossed photocopy of the Approval

Form for 4-H Animal Shows is then given to the 4-H member and the original is kept on file in the 4-H office in the county where the member is enrolled in that project.

4-H members must fit any animals they show. Safety rules and regulations are strictly enforced.

You may pick up an animal approval form at the Extension Office or can be found on the website.

Lease of Animals

If you are using another person’s animal, even if the animal is owned by a parent, the 4-H youth must complete a Lease Agreement. These forms can be found on the website.

For 4-H Leasing Rules, please see visit the website.

If you are a new leader, the Leader’s Guidelines for handling animal approval forms will be most helpful.

Remember, all forms are available at the Extension Office. Don’t hesitate to call. We are happy to help you!


 4-H News from the State

1. Register Starting May 1st for Maine 4-H Days -Maine 4-H Days will take place June 20 – 22, 2014 at the Windsor Fairgrounds, and the registration materials are available online. As always, workshops are assigned on a first come, first serve basis, so be sure to register early. If you do not have online access, please contact your local county office for paper copies of the forms.

We are in need of volunteers willing to help with all aspects of the event. Last year, Maine 4-H Days brought almost 400 individuals to the Windsor Fairgrounds, and we are preparing for even greater numbers for 2014. Volunteers are needed for: presenter assistance, office/ registration help, being crafty in the Creativity Area, set-up, cleanup, and more. We request that one member of each group sign up for a minimum of one volunteer shift.

Along with many of your favorite returning workshops (Archery, Dog Camp, Field Skills for the Forest, Cheese Making, Lego® Robotics, etc.), there are a ton of awesome new workshops this year: Make Your Own Hula Hoop, Line Dancing, and so much more! All of the workshops, and their descriptions, will be posted on the Maine 4-H Days web page by May 1.

If you are interested in volunteering in any capacity, please contact Jessy Brainerd at or 207.581.3877.

2. Save the Date for Positive Youth Development Conference- (Presentations Needed) -Save the date for the 2014 Positive Youth Development Conference July 21-22 “Charting the Course: Connect. Inspire. Empower!” University of New England, Biddeford, ME. PYDI Early registration is open through June 15, 2014 $125.00 early price (includes lunch both days), Register online (also of interest is the Summer Training Academy on July 23 – $199 plus materials) CEU Eligible.

3. Come to Camp this Summer!- Looking for a fun adventure this summer? Come to Tanglewood 4-H Camp in Lincolnville, or Blueberry Cove 4-H Camp in Tenants Harbor! All Maine 4-H members are eligible for $100 off any residential or adventure trip program, or $50 off any day-camp program. There are many options to choose from – go backpacking on the AT, canoe the Ducktrap River, learn to sail, camp on an island, swim, create, make new friends. Check out the Tanglewood website. Camp is in session from June 23 to August 29. If you have questions, or need more information, contact Patti Chapman at or call 207-789-5868. We’ll be watching for you!

4. Maine 4-H Horse Team Communications Tryouts – Would you like to participate in a Regional and National 4-H Horse team? No horse required! Try out for the Communications team! There are two categories for individual 4-Hers: individual demonstration and public speaking. Two 4-Hers will work together on the team demonstration. Check out the Maine 4-H website under horse for more details. Tryouts will be at Maine 4-H Days. You do not need to be attending Maine 4-H Days to try out. Saturday, June 21 at 11:00 am. Contact Kate Slattery for more information at 207-836-3217 or

 5. 2014 Eastern States Horse Tryouts – Tryouts for the 2014 Maine State Horse team will be held July 11 – 13, 2014 at the Skowhegan Fairgrounds. Applications for tryouts are available online. Riders and Drivers must be 14 years of age (4-H age). Please contact Extension Educator, Kristy Ouellette if you have any questions.

6. State 4-H Dairy Show- The State 4-H Dairy Show will be held at the Windsor Fairgrounds July 19 and 20, 2014. The State Show is open to all 4-H youth enrolled in the dairy project and is also the tryout event for the selection of the Dairy Team for Eastern States. A clipping contest will be held on Saturday evening before the show.

While the State Dairy Show is open to all 4-H youth in the dairy project, 4-Hers who would also like to try out for the Eastern States Dairy Team also need to participate in one of these three events: Quiz Bowl Tryouts in February / Dairy Judging in April / Clipping Contest the day before the show

For more information contact Angela Hussey at or at 207- 400-2588 or 207-347-7577.

7. 4-H National Trips and CWF Trip Winners- We recently held interviews for National Trips in Lisbon and Orono. Please join us in congratulating the following winners for this year’s National trips, and also the delegates selected for the Citizenship Washington Focus trip. We are proud to have you represent Maine 4-H!

Winners for National 4-H Congress will be headed to Atlanta, Georgia in November of this year. Natalie H., and Nicole S., will be traveling from Waldo County, and Kristen B. and Lucia A. will be representing Cumberland County.

Winners for National 4-H Conference will travel to Washington, D.C. in April, 2015. Representing Cumberland County will be Reed B. and Desiree W., and from Franklin County, Sadie F. and Kristen D. will be attending the Conference.

Delegates to Citizenship Washington Focus will be traveling to Washington, D.C. in July of this year. Delegates include: From Cumberland County: Catherine F., Desiree W., Corey W., and Morgan A.; from Franklin: Denae G.; from Kennebec: Jimmy S.; from Oxford: Ben A.; from Penobscot: Michael H., and Colin J.; from Somerset: Micahela M., and Hallie M.; from Waldo: Tyler C., Cassandra L., and Shaynen S.; from Washington: Blaine G., and Cole W.; and from York: Kaysia C., Carolyn H., and Katelynn S.

8. Save the Date: TSC’s Fall Paper Clover Event Oct 8-19, 2014- The Fall 2014 Tractor Supply Company Paper Clover Fundraiser is scheduled for October 8-19, 2014. Invite friends and family to support 4-H by donating $1 at check out when they are done shopping. 100% of each dollar goes to the 4-H. 70% of all funds collected support local and state 4-H programs right where you live.

Learn how to connect with your local TSC store on the Fundraising Connections page so you can enter the 2014 Paper Clover Participation Sweepstakes during the semi- annual events.


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