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4-H in Washington County ~ April 2014

Volume 9, Issue 4

Calendar of Events

April 12- 4-H Volunteer Training in Machias

April 21- Extension Office Closed to Observe Holiday

April 23-May 4- Spring Paper Clovers at Tractor Supply Company

May 7- Deadline for June Jamboree Registration Due to Hancock County Office

May 10-Super Sitter Course, Machias

May 13- Exhibit Card Explanation for Volunteers- Hancock County 6:30 p.m.

May 16 & 17- 4-H@UMaine-Orono

May 18- Handworks Hancock County Extension Office 4:30-6:30 p.m.

June 6, 7, 8- June Jamboree at Blue Hill Fairgrounds

June 20, 21 & 22- Maine 4-H Days at Windsor Fairgrounds


Washington County 4-H Public Speaking Tournament

What a success our 2014 Washington County 4-H Public Speaking Tournament was this year! Though small with just three presentations, what fantastic presentations they were. Hope, Independent, did an extremely informative Senior Illustrated Talk on “Military Dogs”, Kate & Libby, Quoddy Kids, did a very intriguing Junior Team Demonstration on “How to Make String Art”, and Mikaila, Horse Power did a fabulous job showing us in her Junior Demonstration “Fab Frames”. Everyone was a winner and all three presentations earned blue ribbons with Mikaila taking top honors for the day. Even better, all four youth went on to the 4-H Regional Public Speaking Tournament. Way to go girls! Stay tuned for news on how the Regionals went in next month’s newsletter.

Behind the scenes, were 4-H Washington County Public Speaking committee members Jane Bell, and Patty Wallace – both who graciously served as judges along with Lisa Reilich. Scott Carle was on hand to take photographs and committee member Tammy Carle helped with set-up – what a treat! Olivia & Lauren Wallace did the important jobs of timing the presentations and tabulating the judges scores. Thanks to all of you for a very smooth, fun and well-run event.

Participants and volunteers of the Washington County 4-H Public Speaking Tournament.

Participants and volunteers of the Washington County 4-H Public Speaking Tournament.


National Rifle Association Foundation- Donation of Portable Air Gun Ranges

Washington County 4-H has been awarded a grant from the NRAF for three Portable Air Gun Ranges, a value of $4,900. These safety backdrops compliment the air rifles Maine 4-H Shooting Sports has gifted to the county in order to launch three new 4-H Shooting Sports clubs. Thank-you, National Rifle Association Foundation for this generous grant!


Paper Clover – April 23rd to May 4th

Twice a year, Tractor Supply Company supports 4-H by hosting a “Paper Clover” campaign at it’s stores nationwide. During this time, patrons may choose to make a $1 donation at checkout, thus buying a Paper Cover to have posted in the store (much like the Children’s Miracle Network balloons). During last fall’s Paper Clover campaign, over $600,000 was raised across the states. $38 of these funds were earmarked for Washington County, as the newly opened Calais TSC store participated in the campaign for one weekend. This spring, the Calais Tractor Supply Company will be participating from April 23rd until May 4th. Please consider attending the store to display your individual or club work, or to greet patrons. It is reported that stores with an in-person 4-H presence sell 40% more Clovers! National 4-H and TSC are also offering a drawing for fifty $100 gift certificates for clubs who attend or display at the TSC stores during this promotion. Please contact Nicole Willey to schedule your club’s time slot at the event and for the form to enter the drawing.

To learn more, please visit the Tractor Supply and 4-H website.


4-H @ UMaine

$25 scholarships are available for the first 10 Washington County 4-H members this year who register to attend 4-H@UMaine [member must have enrolled or re-enrolled prior to 12/31/13 to be eligible]. The event will be held on May 16 & 17 – more details and a web link to information and registration is found in this newsletter, under “4-H News from the State.” Registration opens on April 1st. Please email or call Nicole Willey after registering, to confirm you were one of the first 10 to register and so that she can send your $25 award in for you. [Club reminder: Harmon Foundation money can also be used for this travel.]


4-H Super Sitter Course

The University of Maine Cooperative Extension 4-H Program will offer a Super Sitter Babysitting Course on Saturday, May 10, 2014 at the University of Maine Cooperative Extension office in Machias. The course will take place from 9:00 a.m. — 3:00 p.m. Cost for the program is $15 for 4-H members, $20 for non-members. Participants are asked to bring a bagged lunch and drink. The course is open for boys and girls ages 12 and up.

The emphasis of the course is on the physical safety and security of the child but points out equally important needs such as friendship, companionship, understanding and patience. Students will learn about children of different ages, how to relate to them, and how to avoid some of the pitfalls that often accompany childcare. Participants will receive training in basic first aid and how to respond in an emergency situation.

Registration is required. Please register by calling the University of Maine Cooperative Extension at 1-800-287-1542 or by emailing


June Jamboree

Save the date! The Hancock County 4-H June Jamboree will be held once again at the Blue Hill Fairgrounds, June 6th through 8th. This is a great event for an overnight, weekend or day-long school group fieldtrip, as well as a fantastic chance to have a whole-club event.

4-Hers, guests and families from Hancock, Penobscot, Waldo & Washington counties are welcome to participate. They may arrive Friday afternoon, June 6th, beginning at 3 pm, and stay over for fun activities and games as well as a camp fire and smores. Youth may also arrive Saturday, June 7th to participate in livestock and enrichment workshops beginning at 8:30 am and concluding at 4:30 pm. We have some wonderful offerings lined up – “Puppet Pizzazz”, Human Obstacle Course, Draft Horse Program, Whale on Wheels, Letterboxing, Electric Dough Creatures, Archery, Gardening, Braided Rugs, “Improv Live!”, “Fly Your Tie”, and so much more — along with great hands-on animal activities as well for youth interested in exploring the different 4-H animal projects. We will also have our usual cookout potluck lunch on Saturday with hot dogs and hamburgers provided by the Leaders’ Association. Anytime Science table and an Anytime Craft table for between workshops.

Once again, 4-H school groups and clubs are invited to present club and school exhibits for judging with the theme “WOW! 4-H Does That?”, as well as club gardening exhibits. What a great way to end your 4-H group’s school year or to get a jump on the club exhibit for the Blue Hill Fair and Perry Harvest Fair! For more details, see Lisa’s Corner.

Especially exciting will be two days dedicated to mentoring youth involved in livestock projects, especially focused on getting ready for this year’s fair season. Youth enrolled or interested in livestock projects are invited to stay over Friday and Saturday night and participate in the following livestock projects: Rabbit and Chicken just on Saturday; Beef, Dog, Draft Horse and Horse will have programming on both Saturday and Sunday; and Sheep and Goat will be on Sunday only. You do not need your own animal to participate, just enthusiasm and interest in the animal project. We will have a potluck lunch Sunday as well with sandwich fixings provided by the Leaders’ Association.

Full schedules, information and registration forms will be in
a separate e-mail later this month. The registration deadline will be May 7th – all registrations must be postmarked, hand delivered, or received electronically
by this date — no exceptions! Keep in
mind that workshops will be filled on
a first come, first serve basis. There
will be a small registration fee per day
this year to help cover expenses of
$5 per person or $12 per family
(immediate family only).

Hope to see you there!


Workshop for Volunteers on 4-H Exhibits

Save the Date! Ever wanted to know how to help youth fill out their exhibit hall cards? What you can and can’t enter? What categories of exhibits there are and how to find information on them? What forms you need to have when you come down to the Exhibit Hall that Tuesday afternoon before the start of the fair? How the exhibits are judged and by whom? Or maybe even what is the Blue Hill Fair 4-H Exhibit Hall in the first place?

Washington County youth are encouraged to enter exhibits at the Blue Hill Fair and Perry Harvest Fair.

Join us at the Hancock County Extension office on May 13th just at 6:30pm for a half-hour workshop on everything you need to know about what can be entered and how to enter 4-H exhibits in the Blue Hill Fair. Led by Methel Wilbur, Blue Hill Fair 4-H Exhibit Hall Coordinator and 4-H Volunteer, this promises to be informative and interesting. If you would like to come, but the travel is too far, how about joining us by video? If you have a computer with a camera, we can get you set up! With our new video technology at the Extension office, up to 20 different folks can “beam in”. Please come and help make this discussion a lively one.


Invitation to “Handworks Night”

Since our Handworks Night for April would fall on Easter, our next Handworks Night will be held May 18th. This is held from 4:30 – 6:30 pm at the Hancock County Extension Office. This is your opportunity to get extra help with your project, i.e. sewing/ knitting project or maybe someone could help you make another kind of craft. Maybe you just want to hang out and watch others do their handworks. There will be a project to join in on if you don’t have something you are working on right now. Please bring a snack or beverage. This will be the last one until next November. Come join the fun!


 Lisa’s Corner

Club Exhibits for June Jamboree

In just a few weeks, we will hopefully see many of you at the Hancock County 4-H June Jamboree at the Blue Hill Fair Grounds, which this year will be held on June 6th through 8th (details coming soon).

I want to challenge every club and school group to find time this month to put together their 4-H Club Exhibit with the theme “WOW! 4-H Does That?”. We are really hoping for full participation from our clubs to really show the public how diverse and wonderful 4-H is in Washington County and beyond. This is also a great chance for your group to share about your experience of 4-H, so bring your imagination and teamwork to the table and go for it!

For those of us new to the idea of club exhibits, these exhibits will follow the exact same format as that for club exhibits for the Blue Hill Fair and Perry Harvest Fair – in fact, they can be submitted for judging again just as they are, or with improvements, to the Blue Hill Fair in September and Perry Harvest in October. Often these are made using tri-fold poster board with or without additional props, photo books, and other elements, and even can be 3-D, but as long as your group follows the parameters for creating your display — must not exceed 4 feet tall by 4 feet wide and must be able to stand alone – the sky is the limit. Exhibits for the Jamboree judging must be received by 8am on Saturday, June 7th (but may arrive on Friday as well any time after 3pm). Your club does not have to attend Jamboree to enter a club exhibit – but we certainly hope you do!

As you start your planning and brainstorming for your exhibit, think about the following:

Does the exhibit express one idea?

Is it creative and imaginative?

Is the title creative and catchy?

Is it prominently placed?

Is the lettering neat and of an appropriate size?

Has the use of color and placement been considered?

When planning the exhibit, can it be recognized at a distance of 6 feet?

Have you included a neatly printed 3” x 5” card which includes: club name, town and county?

So have fun and create – we can’t wait to see what you all come up with!



 Lisa’s Challenge Activity for the Month

There is no doubt that this has been quite a winter – a “good old-fashioned winter” some would say – but one that I will not be sorry to see go. Now that we are into April, and there is still a pile of snow everywhere I look, it’s time to think with more determination about spring and hope all our good thoughts will usher it in a little more quickly.

When thinking of spring, I often think of the arriving songbirds, which leads me to
think of eggs and new chicks. Wishing away winter, and wishing spring would get
here in more of a hurry, is what made me think of this fun 30-minute activity from our Afterschool Agriculture Curriculum. This exploration shows a great way to see how science is in everything we do and that science can be fun, too!


Eggs on the Move

Use physics to solve a farm problem! The farmer had a lot of eggs and decided to keep some instead of selling them all. So he boiled some and left some fresh to use in cakes, cookies, and for breakfast. But the eggs got mixed up! Now how can you figure out which ones are fresh and which ones are hard-boiled? Try some test and use physics to help the farmer solve this problem.

Gather your materials

You will need two eggs per team, a large bowl, salt, water, and enough flashlights for teams to share.

The Activity

STEP 1: Break your group into teams of two. Each team gets a fresh egg and a hard-boiled egg not knowing which is which.

STEP 2: Each team should try to come up with three ideas to test the eggs without breaking them.

STEP 3: When each team is ready, they will share their test ideas. Each team may then choose which three tests they would like to try.

STEP 4: Once all teams have made their prediction about which egg is fresh and which is hard boiled, test by breaking eggs over a bowl. Now the fun really begins!

Talk it Over the 4-H Way!

Share… Which tests did you use to decide which egg was fresh and which egg was hard-boiled? Process… What differences in the hard-boiled egg vs. the fresh egg gave you the different results of the tests?

Generalize… In what situations would it be important to test eggs to find out if they were fresh or hard-boiled?

Apply… How could you use inertia (or other tests) to test whether the water in a container is frozen or liquid?

More 4-H Challenges…

Send us a picture and a quick note about how your experiment went – what did you discover that surprised you? What would you share with groups that are planning to do this activity based on your experience?

For more egg challenges, information and trivia around this activity (plus some test design hints!), check out the 4-H Afterschool Agriculture: Acres of Adventures curriculum. This activity can be found in Book 2 of that series (Farm Physics, pages 32-33) and is available to borrow from our lending library.


Who Took the Challenge

Dakota makes great use of a snow day with her little brother experimenting with “Mystery Mud!”, the March 4-H Activity Challenge. Danielle Wells, 4-H volunteer and Ella Lewis Science teacher, knows how to keep the learning happening and how to keep it fun even when the weather stands in the way of getting to school.

Youth participates in making Mystery Mud.


1st grade Ella Lewis School teacher and 4-H volunteer, Joanne Beal, also knows how to make things fun — how about “Mysterious Mud” exploration for indoor recess due to cold and snow — maybe these students could make “oobleck” instead of snow? It might be a nice change.

Mysterious Mud Mysterious Mud


Trenton Afterschool Program literally had a ball making their “Soil Sams”, the February 4-H Activity Challenge. What fantastic and creative grass heads these will be! Look for updated pictures in next month’s newsletter of what hairdos these “Soil Sams” and “Samanthas” ended up sporting once the grass seeds got sprouting.

Soil Sams Soil SamsSoil Sams



School News

Mount Desert Elementary School – When 4-H Coordinator, Julie Taylor, and Science teacher, Brian Cote, for Mount Desert Elementary School, wanted to have their students learn more about wind power and off-shore wind, they knew right where to look – 4-H & the University of Maine! With just one e-mail to the Hancock Cooperative Extension Office, they were soon put in touch with Josh Plourde, Creative Strategist for the University of Maine Advanced Structures and Composites Center. It turns out that Josh had recently put together a 4-H Off-Shore Wind Kit for schools and clubs to sign out and use, and he was more than happy to make the trek down from Orono to MDES and spend an adventure–filled afternoon with the 6th grade science class.

Students were challenged to create bases for their wind turbines (pinwheels) that could withstand both wind and large tides (simulated in a fish tank) without capsizing or moving away from their target location. The students were also asked to work within the constraints of the materials given to them, encouraging them to think about wise and creative use of resources. It was an excellent experience for all. Thank you Josh for sharing your expertise!

If you would like more information about the 4-H Off-Shore Wind Toolkit or other 4-H Science Toolkits, please contact our office or visit the website for a complete listing of what is available.

4-H Wind Power Project

4-H Wind Power Project

4-H Wind Power Project


4-H News from the State

1. Volunteers Needed for 2014 Maine 4-H Days – Maine 4-H Days will take place June 20 – 22, 2014 at the Windsor Fairgrounds. If you are interested in volunteering, or offering a workshop, please contact Jessy Brainerd at or 207.581.3877. Registration materials will be available online, register by May 1.

2. It’s here! Register Today for 4-H@UMaine:Connecting Kids to Campus- Ever wondered how to get a job creating landscapes to save the planet? Or what it feels like to swim with sharks? Or how a geologist solves crimes? Or what it takes to be the opposite of a rocket scientist (nano scientist)? For answers to these questions and more, 4-H@UMaine invites youth ages 12-17 to participate in our fun interactive overnight on UMaine campus with career role models and kids from across the state on May 16-17!

Register Online, download the registration form or ask your county 4-H office to mail you a copy between April 1 and April 25. Check it out – it’s open TODAY! Please share this message with your friends!

For more information contact Barb Baker or Jared Ouellette

3. Save the Date for Positive Youth Development Conference- (Presentations Needed) -Save the date for the 2014 Positive Youth Development Conference July 21-22 “Charting the Course: Connect. Inspire. Empower!” University of New England, Biddeford, ME. PYDI Early registration open April 1 through June 15, 2014. $125.00 early price (includes lunch both days), (Also of interest is the Summer Training Academy on July 23 – $199 plus materials.) CEU Eligible.

Every year, teachers, afterschool providers, youth workers and others come to this conference for fresh new ideas of hands-on projects/programs that work to raise the level of engagement of youth in learning – 4-H is good at this – volunteer leaders and youth are doing fabulous things others need to know! Youth and adults are co-presenters in 90 minute workshops on using 4-H Science Kits; Starting 4-H Clubs in Afterschool Programs; Importance of Service Learning (Community Service) to Youth & How To Do It; How 4-H Clubs Care for School Gardens in the Summer; 4-H Animals in the School Setting, etc…. Contact Barb Baker for more information & ideas about presenting by April 11: or 207.942.7396. No charge for one adult and any youth presenters to attend the conference! Some youth also have an option to be part of a special youth program – ask Barb about this special opportunity.

4. Intent Forms for Eastern States Exposition- ESE Intent to Participate Forms for 2014 are available on the 4-H website. Please visit the 4-H website and look under “forms” or under the name of your animal group. Intent forms must be signed by your county 4-H staff person before you send it to Donna Flint. Deadlines to postmark the intent forms are different for each commodity.

Beef – January 3 Goat – April 15 Dairy – May 1 Sheep – May 1 Dog – May 15

Horse – See deadline on Horse Packet for Tryouts, the link to the packet is #5 in the next item.

If you have any questions you can contact Donna Flint at or at 207-324- 2814.

5. 2014 Eastern States Horse Tryouts – Tryouts for the 2014 Maine State Horse team will be held July 11 – 13, 2014 at the Skowhegan Fairgrounds. Applications for tryouts are available online.  Riders and Drivers must be 14 years of age (4-H age). Please contact Extension Educator, Kristy Ouellette if you have any questions.

6. 2014 Horse Judging Clinic- May 31, 2014, 9:00am–1:00 pm at Hemphills, Inc, 577 Oak Grove Road, North Vassalboro, Maine 04989. Presented by the Kennebec County 4-H.

This clinic is open to all Maine 4-H members, leaders and volunteers looking to enhance horse judging skills needed to judge, purchase and determine horse’s ability. Whether participating in judging competitions, selecting a horse for your needs, learning more about conformation or interested in brushing up on your assessment skills, this clinic will fulfill your needs!

Topics covered include: conformation, movement, ideal breed characteristics, comparing and contrasting, developing oral reasons, as well as learning conformation for performance. Pre-registration is required, postmarked by May 26, 2014. Download registration here. For more information contact Sarah Chadbourne at or 207-408-1309.

7. Maine 4-H Horse Team Communications Tryouts – Would you like to participate in a Regional and National 4-H Horse team? No horse required! Try out for the Communications team! There are two categories for individual 4-Hers: individual demonstration and public speaking. Two 4-H’ers will work together on the team demonstration. Check out the Maine 4-H website under horse for more details. Tryouts will be at Maine 4-H Days. You do not need to be attending Maine 4-H Days to try out. Saturday, June 21 at 11:00 am. Contact Kate Slattery for more information at 207.836.3217 or

8. Horse Study Sessions – This is an opportunity to learn more about horses for those who do or do not own a horse. There will be a Horse Study Session on Saturday, April 5, at noon, in Orono. However, 4-H’ers can also attend via Skype.

Please call Edie Kershner at 207.322.4601 if you would like to attend, either in person or via Skype, or for more information.

9. 4-H Dog Fun Day- Saturday, April 26, 12:00–4:00 pm at Renaissance Dogs,127 Main Street, Holden, Maine 04429. Come have a fun filled day learning about dogs! Learn agility with Rebecca Henderson from Renaissance Dogs. Meet licensed veterinarian technician and Purina Certified Weight Coach, Marisa Gleason, from Veazie Veterinary Clinic to discuss nutrition and your dog. Challenge your dog in Trivia! (Hint: know your working dogs, grooming tools, and basic first aid!)

Call Lori Swenson at 207.654.2110 to preregister, or email at

Limited to 10 4-H members and their dogs. Members must be ages 9 – 18 to attend. Your dog should be up-to-date on its shots including distemper, parvo and rabies. Bordatella and lyme are optional. Please bring a copy or photocopy of your vaccination certificates. If your dog is crate trained, please bring it for the down times for the dogs.

10. 4-H Dairy Judging and Upcoming Dairy Events -

4-H Dairy Judging – Dairy Judging is a daylong educational and competitive event for 4-Hers in the dairy project. High scoring members will be eligible for competing in the 4-H Dairy Judging Competition at Eastern States. Attendance at this event is one prerequisite to trying out for the dairy team for Eastern States. The event will take place on Saturday, April 12, starting at 9:00 a.m. Snow date is the following day, Sunday, April 13, same time, same place. To find out if we decide to cancel the event due to snow, please call 207.581.3872 after 6:30 pm on Friday evening. We will decide after the evening news and put a message on the voice mail then.

The dairy judging will start at Hardy Farm (Ayrshires) located at 360 Weeks Mills Road in Farmington. Registration will be at 9:00 am with Judging to start at 9:30 am, and morning snacks will be provided.

At 11:00 am we will proceed to Silver Shade Holsteins in New Sharon. Lunch and Oral reasons will begin at 12:30 pm. Results and awards will be at 2:30 p.m.

We ask that people bring their lunch to the event. Contestants may want to bring a clipboard and pencil to take notes. Official judge for the event will be Jay Nutting.

Directions to Hardy Farm from Farmington:
 From the intersection of Routes 2, 27, 43 and 4 near the Rite Aid Pharmacy, head northeast (toward McDonald’s) on Main Street toward Front Street for 0.6 miles. Turn right onto Broadway for 0.1 miles
. Continue onto ME-43 E/Perham Street for 1.7 miles
. Take a slight right onto Perham Hill Road/Weeks Mills Road for 1.2 miles

State 4-H Dairy Show – The State 4-H Dairy Show will be held at the Windsor Fairgrounds July 19 and 20, 2014. The State Show is open to all 4-H youth enrolled in the dairy project and is also the tryout event for the selection of the Dairy Team for Eastern States. A clipping contest will be held on Saturday evening before the show.

While the State Dairy Show is open to all 4-H youth in the dairy project, 4-H’ers who would also like to try out for the Eastern States Dairy Team also need to participate in one of these three events:
 Quiz Bowl Tryouts in February

Dairy Judging in April
 Clipping Contest the day before the show 
For more information contact Angela Hussey at or 207.400.2588 or 207.347.7577.

11. 4-H Rabbit Show- There will be a 4-H Rabbit Showmanship class and Breed ID event at the Eastern Maine Rabbit Breeders open and youth show on Saturday, April 26, in Newport, Maine. 4-H’ers and potential 4-H members are welcome to show. Rabbits handlers will be scored according to the 4-H showmanship standards in the 4-H rabbit curriculum book “What’s Hoppening?”.

To learn more about the show, directions, and how to prepare your rabbit, check the 4-H Rabbit Show page on our website.

12. Fryeburg Fair 4-H Market Hog Show and Sale- This year Fryeburg Fair will have a 4-H market Hog and Sale. This will be open to only youth living in the society towns of Fryeburg Fair, Fryeburg, Lovell, Stow, Waterford, Stoneham, Hiram, Sweden, Porter, Bridgton, Otisfield, Cornish, Baldwin, Standish, Harrison, Denmark, and Brownfield in Maine; or Freedom, Eaton, Bartlett, Chatham, Conway, and Jackson in New Hampshire.

Youth must be the 4-H age of 9 – 18 and be enrolled in 4-H prior to January 1, 2014. Youth will have to provide daily care and have the animal housed at their place of residence. Animals must be farrowed after April 1st of this year and in the child’s possession by June 1st.

Only gilts and barrows will be considered. All hogs must be fed 100% grain. An intent form must be filed with the Fryeburg Fair office by May 1st. Once your intent form is received, Donna Flint will contact you in regards to tagging your hog. Submitting an “Intent Form” does not mean you will be entered into the show or sale. There will only be 12 hogs allowed to show and sell. The complete rules will be in the Fryeburg Fair book when it is available. Intent form will be available on the Fryeburg Fair website ( Once in the website go to Livestock, then 4-H. You can also contact the office for a form at 207.935.3268 or e-mail

13. Save the date: Only One Year until the Maine Science Festival- Maine Science Festival will be on March 20-22, 2015 - We want you to participate in the Maine 4-H Showcase there…What is it? …watch this space!

For more information contact: Barb Baker 207.942.7396 or

14. Scratch Day 2014-Following on the popularity of Hour of Code, we’re getting ready for Scratch Day, which is May 17, 2014. It’s only slightly more involved than Hour of Code, and the Reach Center is offering help with those things–registration, posting the event on the Scratch Day site, connecting with information and others who are interested, etc. We even have a simple agenda and everything in tutorial form for a true-beginners Scratch Day. Locations in Bangor and Limestone are set, and several others are interested, and I’d like to reach out to more clubs, libraries, schools, and others who may want to host a Scratch Day event. Here are the basics listed online.

To get more information or host an event, contact Jo Gates at the Reach Center at

15. Save 25% on 4-H Curriculum in April - Starting April 1 and ending April 30, all 4-H Curriculum will receive a 25% discount when purchased from the 4-H Mall, either online or over the phone.

4-H Curriculum focuses on science, animal science, healthy living, art, citizenship, and career readiness. Curriculum is designed for afterschool programs, school enrichment programs, 4-H clubs, summer camps, and more. Created for grades 3-12, 4-H curriculum includes professional development resources and training guides.

In addition to browsing the curriculum offerings online, they have also created a 4-H Curriculum Catalog, which contains a full listing of all available curriculum and detailed information on each book available.

You can order online. If you have questions or would like to order over the phone, give them a call between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., EST at 301.961.2934.


 Cooking with the Kids

White Bean Hummus


2 cans (15.8 oz. each) of rinsed & drained Great Northern or cannellini beans
1/4 cup olive oil
1 tsp. ground cumin
1/2 tbsp. salt
2 tbsp. peeled & sliced garlic cloves
1/4 fresh lemon juice
2 tbsp. chopped parsley
1 tsp. white pepper
Optional: 1/8 tsp. cayenne pepper


1. In a saucepan, combine oil and garlic over medium heat until garlic is lightly browned.

2. Let cool slightly.

3. Place rinsed and drained great Northern or cannellini beans in food processor and add oil, garlic, lemon juice, cumin, parsley, salt, white pepper and cayenne optional).

4. Blend in blender or food process or until smooth.

5. Serve with raw vegetables, pita bread, bagel chips or tortilla chips.

University of Maine Cooperative Extension Eat Well Program


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