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4-H in Washington County ~ February 2014

Volume 9, Issue 2

Dates to Remember

February 16 – 4:30 – 6:30 pm – Handworks Night – Hancock Extension Office

February 17- Office Closed to Observe President’s Day

February 19- Public Speaking club delegates due to the Extension Office, no exceptions

February 28- Washington County Deadline to register for CWF

March 8- Washington County Public Speaking Tournament

March 16- 4:30-6:30 p.m. – Handworks Night – Hancock Extension Office

March 29- Regional Public Speaking Tournament, University of Maine

March 29- 4-H Robotics Expo, University of Maine at Machias 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

May 16 & 17- 4-H@UMaine-Orono

June 6, 7, 8- June Jamboree- Hancock County


4-H Robotics Expo

The eighth annual Robotics Expo will take place on Saturday, March 29 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the University of Maine at Machias. 4-H robotic clubs are invited to participate this year with a discounted registration fee of $15 per team! Participants in grades 5 through 8 will have a fun filled day of robotics and science. In the morning, teams will have the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge of robotics to judges, peers and the general public. In the afternoon, youth will choose science workshops or an on-site challenge. For more information including how to register, please contact Jen Lobley, at or by calling the office at 255-3345.

If you haven’t started your robotics club yet, please come visit the Expo to learn more about the exciting world of robotic!


Congrats Libby

Libby, member of the Quoddy Kids 4-H club, was recently awarded a Maine College Circle Cobscook Bay scholarship for an essay she wrote about wanting to become a marine biologist when she grows up. Her essay was published in the January 10th edition of the Quoddy Tides. Way to go, Libby!


4-H Public Speaking Reminder

Leaders, be sure to call or e-mail Tara at the office at 255-3345 or by February 19th with the name of the participating youth delegates. Be sure to include their 4-H age, title of their 4-H demonstration or illustrated talk, and whether it will be an individual or team presentation. The Washington County 4-H Public Speaking Tournament will be held on Saturday, March 8th. Be sure to visit our website for helpful information and videos on 4-H public speaking to help you get going.


Congrats Blaine and Cole

Independent members, Blaine and Cole, were recognized this month by Dane Kane, the coordinator of Intramural Athletics, for their dedication to volunteering. On a weekly basis throughout the Intramural Athletics sessions, Blaine and Cole provide this community service by working with youth in western Washington County in the areas of basketball and soccer. Great job, guys!

Youth receive community service recognition.

Cooking with the Kids

Hot or Cold Chocolate Milk Mix (low fat)


• 10-11 cups nonfat dry milk (this equals one 8 quart package)

• 4 1/2 to 5 cups powdered chocolate drink mix(the kind you add to milk)

• 1 to 1 1/2 cups powdered non-dairy creamer


1. Combine ingredients in a large bowl until all white streaks have disappeared and mix is an even, light chocolate color.

2. Store in a covered container.

To make Hot Chocolate:

Pour 2/3 cup hot water in drinking cup, add 1/3 cup chocolate mix, stir well.

To make Cold Chocolate Drink:

Mix 1/3 cup mix with 1 cup very cold water. Stir or shake until smooth.

University of Maine Cooperative Extension Eat Well Program


Lisa’s Challenge Activity of the Month

February is here and there is one sure way to make spring come a little bit sooner – plant some seeds! Here is a fun way to get some green growing in your windowsill even before the spring thaw arrives. This is also a fun way to discover exactly what plants need to make food.

4-H Challenge-Soil Sams

Make a “Soil Sam”

Plants need sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide to grow. The soil anchors the plants and provides nutrients. Soil does not provide food to plants. Food is defined as energy and nutrients do not provide energy. Plants make their own food using sunlight, water, nutrients and carbon dioxide in a process known as photosynthesis. Plants use carbon dioxide to live and produce oxygen.

Materials Needed:

- Knee-high nylon stocking

- Grass seeds — wheat or oat grass seeds work well

- Recycled jar, can or cup – should not be tippy –peanut butter, 
jam and pasta sauce jars all work well

- Water

- Decorations (optional) — Jiggle Eyes, glue, glitter paint, markers, felt, ribbons – use your imagination!

The Activity

Step 1: Make Soil Sams! Using knee-high hose, place some grass seeds in the toe where you want the grass to grow. The toe of the hose will be the top of the head of the Soil Sam and the grass will look like hair when it grows.

Step 2: Pack a handful of soil in the end of the hose on top of the seeds. Use enough soil so the quantity of the soil is slightly bigger than the opening of the jar or cup you are using.

Step 3: Tie a knot in the hose under the ball of soil. Place the to of the hose (which is the bottom of Soil Sam) in your cup or jar which should be filled half way with water. The hose will absorb the water and saturate the head of Soil Sam.

Step 4: The grass seed should germinate through the hose. You may have to cut a few small holes to aid in this step. To decorate, cut a round piece of fabric to fit over the mouth of the jar. You can decorate the fabric with lace or ribbons.

Step 5: Glue jiggle eyes on the face, or decorate in any way you can imagine! Once your Soil Sam’s grass begins to grow, cut the grass “hair” in any style you desire.

Talk it Over the 4-H Way!

Share… How did you make Soil Sam to get what it needs to grow?

Process… Where do plants outside get water? Sunlight? Carbon Dioxide? Where do plants get food?

Generalize… What will happen if you forget to water your plants at home?

Apply… How can predicting outcomes help you better take care of your plants, pets and yourself?

More 4-H Challenges… 
Send us a picture and a quick note of how your own “Soil Sam” turned out and we will include it in our newsletter next time. It will be fun to see how many different ways “Soil Sam” can look and what hairstyles you can come up with! 
You can find this activity and more in the 4-H Afterschool Agriculture: Acres of Adventures curriculum. This activity and more challenges in container garden designs can be found in Book 1 of that series (Plant Detectives, pages 90-91) and is available to borrow from our lending library.


Who Took the Challenge

I have been hearing in my 4-H travels that many of you are taking my “Lisa’s 4-H Activity Challenge.” That’s great news! I have been lucky enough to gather a few photos of the process and results from different corners and am sharing them here.

Have you taken any of the 4-H Activity Challenges on your own or with a group? Let us know about it! Send your 4-H Activity Challenge” pictures in to Joyce so we can
share with the rest of our 4-H family!

Margaret Mae, of Free 2 Be 4-H Club & Ella Lewis School, looks like she is having a ball making the salt dough for the “Bread Basket Weaving” Challenge.

Who Took the Challenge Photo 1

Students from Trenton Elementary School took two of the 4-H Activity Challenges as part of their afterschool “Science Thurs- day” program. Before the holidays, they took the “Pumpkin Pie in a Bag” challenge.

Who Took the Challenge Photo 2

Then, just a couple of weeks ago, they took the “Bread Basket Weaving” Challenge to a new level. 4-H Leader Nicole Holdsworth even figured out that by microwaving the finished creations, they would be done before the kids went home – in just a few minutes! There was some great problem solving, too. The weaving proved a bit difficult on the greased surfaces of the molds. So why not just mold the dough onto a bowl that has a very decorative outside – look at these great results!

Who Took the Challenge Photo 3Who Took the Challenge Photo 4

School News

Ella Lewis Grammar School

Ella Lewis school 3rd & 4th grade students are old pros when it comes to 4-H public speaking. In fact, the 4th graders, now in their 3rd year of preparing 4-H demonstrations, had a few public speaking tricks of their own to share when showing off their clinic presentations. It just goes to show that all that practice really pays off at the end.

School News Photo 3 School News Photo 2 School News Photo 1 School News Photo 4


Jonesboro Elementary School

Jonesboro Elementary School students, now in their 2nd year of 4-H public speaking, are rising to the challenge nicely. The entire student body, grades K through 8, participated in 4-H public speaking clinics, and grades 2nd through 8th will be preparing presentations of their own to share with their class in mid-February. Stay tuned for the results!

School News Photo 7School News Photo 8 School News Photo 7 School News Photo 6 School News Photo 5

 4-H News from the State

1. Save the Date for 2014 Maine 4-H Days – Maine 4-H Days will take place June 20 – 22, 2014 at the Windsor Fairgrounds. If you are interested in helping to plan next year’s event, please contact Jessy Brainerd at or 581-3877.

2. 4-H Regional Public Speaking Tournament – For: Aroostook, Hancock, Kennebec, Knox, Lincoln, Somerset, Penobscot, Piscataquis, Waldo and Washington Counties The 4-H Regional Public Speaking Tournament will be held Saturday, March 29, 2014 at the University of Maine at Orono. 4-H Youth ages 9 to 18 who have participated in their county 4-H public speaking tournament and received the required score are invited to participate. For youth in counties which do not hold public speaking tournaments, arrangements may be made through their county’s Extension office to present their presentation to their county’s 4-H staff in order to be eligible. Registration for the regional tournament must be handled through the youth’s county Extension office. To register youth, county offices should contact Joyce Fortier in the Hancock County Extension Office no later than March 19th at 207.667.8212 or at For more information on 4-H public speaking, including guidelines and judging sheets, please visit the website or contact Lisa Reilich at 207.598.6621 or

Help Wanted! Regional Public Speaking Contest 3/29/14 – Help is needed from 4-H clubs or 4-H families to help with the Regional Public Speaking Contest on March 29, 2014 at the University of Maine, Orono, in Jenness Hall, (snow date April 5). Help with set up and serving snacks from 9:00 to 1:00 or 1:00 to 5:00 for serving snacks and clean up. Support members of your club who are presenting or learn about public speaking this year so you can try it next year. This is a great community service project for 4-H clubs, individuals, or families.

To sign up to help or for more information contact Sheila Norman at 207.564.3301 or email as soon as possible, no later than March 21.

3. National 4-H Trips Applications Due – National 4-H Trips are excellent opportunities to meet 4-H members from across the nation. Participants learn about many career options, and learn through educational workshops at Congress or become a part of a team making recommendations to National 4-H Council at Conference. To learn more about these trips, visit the website.

Any Maine 4-H Youth, ages 14 to 18, is eligible to apply. Applicants must be current Maine 4-H members both at the time of application and the time of the actual trip. Application packets must be sent to your county office and postmarked by March 14, 2014. If you have any questions, please contact Heidi Thuotte at 800-287-1535 or

4. Save the Date! Come join us for 4-H@UMaine! – Registration will be open on April 1 for the 4-H@UMaine: Connecting Kids with College will be held on May 16 & 17, 2014 at University of Maine in Orono. “4-H is your first class at the University of
Maine.” Youth ages 12-17 will stay in dorm rooms overnight, eat at the dining halls, and attend workshops presented by UMaine professors to get a real feel of what college. For more information on the 4-H@UMaine: Connecting Kids with College please go to the 
website, or contact Barb
Baker at or 207.942.7396 or Karen Hatch Gagne at or 207.622.7546.

5. 2014 Eastern States Horse Tryouts – Tryouts for the 2014 Maine State Horse team will be held July 11 – 13, 2014 at the Skowhegan Fairgrounds. Applications for tryouts will be available online starting February 1. Riders and Drivers must be 14 years of age (4-H age). Please contact Extension Educator, Kristy Ouellette if you have any questions.

6. Upcoming Dairy Events – Dairy Quiz Bowl Tryouts
Dairy Quiz Bowl Tryouts will be held Sunday, February 16, 2014 at the Farm Bureau in Augusta at 1:00 pm. Snow date will be Monday, February 17. Quiz Bowl Tryouts is open to all 4-H youth in the state. Attendance at QB Tryouts will fulfill one of the requirements to try out for the Eastern States Dairy Team.

For more information please contact coach Connie Wood at or call 207.625.4644.

4-H Dairy Judging – Tryouts for the Dairy Cattle Judging Team will be Saturday, April 12, 2014 and the snow date is Sunday, April 13. Dairy Cattle Judging Tryouts is open to all 4-H youth in the state. Attendance at Judging Tryouts will fulfill one of the requirements to try out for the Eastern States Dairy Team. Times and locations will be announced in early March.

For more information contact Dave Marcinkowski at or call at 207.581.2740.

State 4-H Dairy Show – The State 4-H Dairy Show will be held at the Windsor Fairgrounds July 19 and 20, 2014. The State Show is open to all 4-H youth enrolled in the dairy project and is also the try out event for the selection of the Dairy Team for Eastern States. A clipping contest will be held on Saturday evening before the show.

While the State Dairy Show is open to all 4-H youth in the dairy project, 4-Hers who would also like to try out for the Eastern States Dairy Team also need to participate in one of these three events: Quiz Bowl Tryouts in February, Dairy Judging in April, Clipping Contest the day before the show. For more information contact Angela Hussey at or at 207-400-2588 or 207-347-7577.

7. 2014 New England 4-H Horse Judges School – April 12-13, 2014 at the University of Connecticut in Storrs, CT. Registration is due by March 10, and a Rulebook test will be emailed to you prior to the school. Registration forms and information can be found on the website.

8. New Hampshire Dairy Goat Seminar – Milk Sanitation – Farm & Forest Exposition – Saturday, February 8, 2014, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm, at the Center of New Hampshire – Radisson Hotel, Webster Room, 700 Elm Street, Manchester, NH.

Milk is a food product, and it will never be any better than the sanitary conditions under which it is produced and bottled. This session will cover food safety and handling steps that need to be followed both in the barn and in the kitchen to ensure a quality product. There will be some discussion about transitioning from a hobby to a commercial dairy.

A schedule and additional information are available online.

9. Citizenship Washington Focus (CWF)-Start making plans now to visit our Nation’s Capitol during the week of June 28 to July 5, 2014. CWF is a leadership program conducted by the National 4-H Council for high school youth ages 15 to 18. Delegations of 4-Hers from across the country spend six days touring the city and attending leadership skill-building workshops. This summer, the Maine delegation will travel on June 28 to July 5, 2014. You will stay at the National 4-H Conference Center just outside Washington, DC. Visiting the most popular sites in Washington will be a part of the trip, including spending the 4th of July in our nation’s capitol. There is a mandatory orientation for Maine delegates on April 26th. For more information can be found on the website. Contact your county 4-H office for details about how to be a part of this experience.

10. Intent Forms for Eastern States Exposition – ESE Intent to Participate Forms for 2014 are available on the 4-H website. Please visit the 4-H website at and look under “forms” or under the name of your animal group. Intent forms must be signed by your county 4-H staff person before you send it to Donna Flint. Deadlines to postmark the intent forms are different for each commodity.

 Sheep May 1
Dog May 15
Horse See deadline on Horse Packet for Tryouts

If you have any questions you can contact Donna Flint at or at 207-324- 2814.

Sheep Team Encouraged to Send Intents Early – 4-H youth with sheep projects and aspiring to go to Eastern States with the Sheep Team are encouraged to send their Intent to Participate Form in early. Here are some great reasons why from the 4-H Sheep Committee:

• You’ll get on the sheep team email list to find out about educational opportunities to learn about sheep (we don’t have a lot of meetings of just sitting around – we do stuff)

• We meet during the winter, spring and summer to learn about sheep and plan for the ESE experience before the event in the fall.

• Youth have a chance to learn online through quizzes that can help members with the sheep skill-a-thons at Maine fairs this summer as well as Eastern States. 
If you’ve been involved with a 4-H sheep project for at least a year, you are 12 years of age or older in 4-H years, and you re-enrolled as a 4-Her by December 31, then let us know now so we can get you connected to the other state sheep team kids. Youth who do not want to attend Eastern States, but who still want to learn about sheep are welcome to attend these educational events. 
For more information, you can contact Michaele Bailey, 207.581.3872, or Wendy Almeida at Intent to participate forms can be found at:


 UMaine 4-H Science News – January/February 2014

The University of Maine Cooperative Extension is committed to letting you know about exciting opportunities for 4-H youth on the University of Maine campus, and throughout Maine. Unless otherwise specified, if you wish to take advantage of any of these opportunities, please contact your University of Maine Cooperative Extension County Office and they will help make the arrangements.

- In your County – Toolkits!

- UMaine 4-H Science Saturday – with the Foster Center for Student Innovation!

- “Ice Worlds” and other Planetarium Star Shows

- 2014 Engineering Expo

- Save the Date for 4-H@UMaine!

- Just for fun – Science of the Olympic Winter Games!

In your county – Toolkits! 4-H has a number of science toolkits ideal for youth in grades 3 – 12.
These toolkits have easy to use activities designed to get youth excited about science! The activities are hands-on, and connected to academic majors offered at the University of Maine whenever possible. You do not need a science back- ground to lead youth in these activities – most of the materials and supplies are provided, and step-by-step instructions come with each kit. Check out the ever expanding variety of 4-H Science Toolkits on our website!

At the University of Maine, Orono:
 Plans are underway for the next UMaine 4-H Science Saturday – with the Foster Center for Student Innovation (for youth in grades 6 – 8)
Saturday, March 8, 2014, 10 AM, University of Maine, Orono, Maine.
Come explore Innovation Engineering! Details of this hands-on program will be available soon! For more information, or to be alerted when more information about this event is available, contact Jessy Brainerd at 800.287.0274 (toll free in Maine) or 207.581.3877 or e-mail
Let us know if there is a particular topic you would like to see included in upcoming Science Saturdays – we will begin to plan our fall 2014 lineup soon.

Ice Worlds (for ages 8 and up) Planetarium Show at the Maynard F. Jordan Planetarium.
Cost: $3 per person. Dates: March 7th and 14th, 2014. Two hour show. Seating is limited – please call to reserve seats or for more information: (207) 581-1341
“Ice Worlds” examines the close ties of life and water on Earth and the changing climate that will affect us all. It is a spectacular exploration of icebergs, massive glaciers, and their importance to Earth using satellite data, photography and computer animation. Other distant worlds where ice and water abound, and the winter constellations above Maine’s snow covered fields are included in this adventure.
Additional planetarium shows are held every weekend. For more information about this and all the Public Star Shows including a printable schedule, visit or email

Come to the 2014 Engineering Expo! (for all ages)
9:00 AM – 2:00 PM Saturday, March 22, 2014
Field House, University of Maine
This event provides young people with a first-rate event that shows them all the exciting places that their math and science skills can take them. Maine’s top engineering firms, engineering schools, educators, government agencies, industry, and engineering societies will provide hands-on activities and exhibits throughout the University of Maine Field House. The fun, dynamic, and positive environment will help encourage youth to pursue careers in engineering, and provide a diverse and vigorous workforce for the future. The EXPO is brought to you by the Maine Engineering Promotional Council to celebrate Maine Engineers Week. For more information visit
Bus grants may be available for groups – visit to learn more. Application deadline for bus grants is 2/21/14

4-H@UMaine 2014 – For ages 12 – 17. May 16 – 17, 2014
Save the date for 4-H@UMaine 2014 – a weekend when youth get to visit the great campus of the University of Maine. Planning for this event is underway, and registration will open soon. Youth ages 12-17 can join the fun of becoming familiar with campus and what it has to offer. The youth will stay in dorm rooms overnight, eat at the dining halls, and at- tend workshops presented by UMaine professors to get a real feel of what college is all about. Watch for updates soon with registration links and a full schedule of weekend events.

Just for fun – Science of the Olympic Winter Games!
NBC Learn has free resources online relating to the Science of the Olympic Winter Games. Check it out by visiting Laura Wilson, UMaine 4-H Science News, January/February 2014


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