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Cooperative Extension in Washington County

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4-H News for Washington County ~ September 2013

Volume 8, Issue 9


Dates to Remember

September 20 – Deadline to register entries for Perry Harvest Fair

September 30 – Project Records due at the county office

September 30 – Treasurer Report due at the office

October 4 – Drop off Perry Harvest Fair entries at the fair between 3:00 p.m. and 4:30 p.m.

October 5 – Perry Harvest Fair, 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

October 5 – Pick-up fair exhibits, 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

October 14 – Columbus Day – office closed

October 26 – 4-H at Tractor Supply Company (TSC) Grand Opening in Calais


Pembroke Farm and Horse Fair

The Pembroke Farm and Horse Fair was held on August 24th. Volunteer Jane Bell shared that the DRMM 4-H Club’s display at the fair offered information on Eohippus, the first horse. Co-leader, Nancy Curtis, demonstrated pole bending and jumping on Cassie. “A good time was had by all.”


Perry Harvest Fair

Saturday, October 5th is the date for this year’s Perry Harvest Fair. Premiums, honorariums, ribbons and t-shirts will be available for members who enter individual exhibits. Premiums in larger amounts will also be awarded to the club exhibits.

The Perry Harvest Fair 4-H Exhibit Information is below:

Perry Harvest Fair

Community Building, Route 1, Perry, Maine

October 5, 2013

9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

4-H Exhibit Information

Exhibit Rules:

1. Individual 4-H member exhibit entries are open to all enrolled 4-H members ages 5 to 19. 4-H members ages 5 to 8 are considered Cloverbuds. 4-H Cloverbuds may submit entries for non-competitive display to the exhibition hall. 4-H members ages 9 to 19 may submit entries for Danish system judging.

2. Each Washington County 4-H Club is encouraged to have a club exhibit/display at the fair. This display, which should fit on a 4’ x 4’ table space, can feature projects from the 2012-2013 club year, or can be a general display about your club. All aspects of your club display should be new from this current 4-H year (October 2012 to September 2013). If your club chooses to do so, the theme from the 2013 Blue Hill Fair may be used in your display: “Celebrate 4-H, 100 Years of 4-H in Maine.” Please read and review the Point System for judging the club displays (page 2). Points have been lost on wonderful displays in the past because details were missed. First place will receive $15. All other clubs will receive $10. Only one club exhibit per club is allowed.

3. Individual 4-H’ers may exhibit items produced and/or prepared by him/her during the current 4-H year. No kits will be accepted, except in the mechanical sciences/robotics category for projects involving models.

4. Members may enter 2 exhibits in any given project area, but they should be in different media or forms (examples: vegetable garden –- enter two types of vegetables; sewing –- one apron and one pillow; art – a watercolor and a drawing, but not two watercolors). Please keep in mind that quality is being judged, not quantity. A maximum of three individual exhibits per 4-H member will be accepted.

5. Please call in your entries to the office by Friday, September 20, 2013 so that we can reserve sufficient space at the fair. Call the Washington County Extension office at 1.800.287.1542 or 207.255.3345.

6. Each entry must have a completed 4-H Exhibit/Judging Card and Life Skills Card securely attached to it. Cards should be obtained from the Extension office before the fair. We are happy to send them out to you when you call or email us and let us know how many you need. Attach the card with string only (no tape please). The cards must be filled out neatly by the 4-H member *before entering the item for competition.

Notice to Leader or Parent: Any special circumstances should be noted with a sticky note explanation attached to the Exhibit Card.

7. The fair will afford the best protection possible for project exhibits. However, the University of Maine Cooperative Extension and the Perry Harvest Fair distinctly disclaim any liability for loss or damage to exhibits. There is no security.

8. Hall Exhibits will be accepted on October 4th, between 3:00 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. ONLY. Entries will not be accepted for judging at any other time on October 4th or 5th. Items not submitted during this time period will not be considered for premiums or Cloverbud honorariums. If you are unable to deliver the exhibits at this time, but would like to bring them to the Extension office prior to October 3rd, all efforts will be made to get them to the fair for judging. This will be based on a first-come, first-served basis, so please contact the office ahead of time if you choose this option.

9. Judging will be done on the “modified Danish system.” (See below for more information.) Each worthy exhibit will be awarded a ribbon and premium based on how well it displays the appropriate skills for a member’s age and skill level, with the exception of Cloverbuds. Cloverbuds will receive a participation ribbon for every item they exhibit in the Exhibition Hall, and one honorarium for their overall participation (thus, if a Cloverbud enters 2 exhibits, he/she will receive 2 ribbons and one honorarium). Cloverbuds will not be included in the judging process, but will receive positive comments on their exhibit cards.

10. Exhibits must be taken from the 4-H Hall between 3:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, October 5th. If you would like a 4-H staffer to bring your exhibits back to the Extension office in Machias, please let us know beforehand.



Point System for Judging Club Displays:

Club displays will be judged on the following qualities:

*Exhibit Theme – Does exhibit express ONE idea and carry it out? 20 points

*Exhibit Title – A good catchy title helps. It should be prominently placed with the largest lettering of the entire exhibit. 15 points

*Lettering – Quality and size of all lettering. 15 points

*Originality – Was imagination used? Appropriate color and/or motion used? Was it interactive, informative, and/or novel? 25 points

*Size of Articles on Display – Can objects be recognized at a distance of 6 feet? 15 points

*4-H Exhibit & Judging Card & Life Skills Wheel – Were the official cards attached and filled out? 10 points

Tie breaker:

*4-H Experience 10 points

Displays will also be judged on how well they exemplify the 4-H Experience (activities, actions and principles of the Life Skills Model such as: nurturing relationships, communication, keeping records, community service, problem solving, healthy lifestyle choices, self-responsibility, marketable skills, community service, etc.). The points earned from this category will only be used in the case of a tie.


Guidelines Upon Which Individual Exhibits Will Be Judged:

Judging is done on what we call the “modified Danish system,” which means we may award a blue ribbon, or red or white, to as many exhibits as seem worthy, based on the judges’ understanding of what may be expected from a member of a particular age and years of experience in the project, and on how well the exhibit follows the fair rules. The 4-H members are not competing against one another, but rather are judged on how well they achieve their potential for their age and experience, and on how well they follow the 4-H rules.

The judges’ goal is to be as positive, affirming and constructive as possible while holding exhibitors to the fair rules and the tradition of 4-H to “make the best better.” We make the best better by encouragement — by complimenting aspects of the exhibit that are well done and constructively suggesting ways it might be improved.

Judges’ comments will be written on the exhibit card. A blue ribbon deserves at least one specific, positive comment. A red ribbon deserves one constructive suggestion as well as at least one positive comment. A white ribbon deserves two constructive suggestions as well as one positive comment. We encourage judges to be specific: “Your stitching is very even,” “Your design is very creative,” and “Your printing is legible and clear” are more helpful than a simple “well done.” Judges must find something to comment positively on before writing suggestions such as, “This could be improved by tightening the stitches/wiping off the excess glue” or whatever it would need to receive a blue ribbon.

The judges may mark the award down one ribbon if the exhibit card is not complete. This action will be explained in a comment.


Recognition For Cloverbuds: There will be only specific, positive comments on their exhibit cards. At this young age, we want youth to receive positive feedback to encourage future participation and build self-esteem. Each Cloverbud will receive a dollar coin honorarium for their participation and a green ribbon for each entry.


Recognition For 9- to 19-year-old 4-H members: Ribbons and premiums will be as follows:

Blue Ribbon/First Place — $5

Red Ribbon/Second Place — $3

White Ribbon/Third Place — $1


Project Areas/Categories for Individual Exhibits:

Animal Care: Any item made about an animal (ex: photo, story); any item made for an animal (ex: tack box); or any animal product (ex: 6 clean eggs, a sheepskin vest).

Art: Any original drawing or painting, suitable for hanging. Any medium or mixed media may be used. Should be framed, matted, or mounted on posterboard and fitted with hangers.

Citizenship and Community Service: Display or 14 x 22 inch poster illustrating a member’s community service project; or the importance of voting (for example); or a collection of historic or related items; or four photos that tell a story, with individual labels.

Conservation and Natural Resources: Mounted drawings or photos that tell a story illustrating conservation issues; recycling – a labeled display or model illustrating the concept; or an item made from something found in nature (ex: log made into birdhouse or bench).

Crafts: Basketry; candle/soap making; ceramics and pottery; decorative/tole painting; fabric painting; felt crafts; glass etching; holiday crafts; jewelry; macramé; papier mache; or any other craft approved by your leader or adviser.

Fiber Arts: Crocheted item, felted item, knitted item, rug, spinning, or weaving.

Food and Nutrition: Specific food item – any nonperishable food item such as bread, bars, brownies or cookies made entirely from scratch by the 4-H member.

Food Preservation: Canned – Beginner: 1 jar of either vegetable, fruit, jam, jelly, pickles, or conserves. Intermediate: 3 jars, each different produce. Advanced: 5 jars, each different produce. Note: Low acid foods must be pressure-canned. Dried – Beginner: 1 sample of dried fruit, vegetable, or meat (can be smoked). Intermediate: 3 samples of dried food. Advanced: 5 samples of dried food.

Forestry and Forest Conservation: Six mounted photographs of forestry practices; a collection related to forestry or forest conservation (beginner: collection of leaves, needles, or twigs of at least 10 different species labeled with common names; intermediate: collection of 10 seeds of different species labeled with common names; advanced: collection of 4 disease-, insect-, or animal-damaged specimens); or display of some phase of industrial forestry.

Mechanical Sciences/Robotics: Rocketry, space, or airplane models made by the 4-H member; an electrical project, such as lamp-making or wiring; a welding project; or a robotics project.

Photography: A) Single photo, black and white or color, of high quality, illustrating techniques of photography (good lighting, “rule of thirds,” composition, contrast, special effects), enlarged to a 5×7-inch or 8×10-inch print. Panoramas are also acceptable. B) Photo story using 3 to 6 photos (at least 3×5-inch) showing a “how-to” sequence or “before and after” scenes. All photo exhibits should be mounted on mat or poster board to complement the photo and be ready for hanging. This work should be completed by the 4-H member.

Plant Science and Crops: Displays of specific vegetables, crops, fruits – berries or grains, 1 pint; small vine crops such as peas or beans, 10 specimens; large vine crops such as cucumbers, pumpkins, or squash, 1 specimen; root crops such as potatoes or carrots, 3 specimens; vegetables grown in heads such as cabbage and broccoli, 1 specimen; other vegetables such as corn, tomatoes, or peppers, 3 specimens; forage crops. Flower gardening and house plants – garden flowers; potted houseplants; or potted herbs. Note: Please write the variety on the display card.

Sewing and Needlecrafts: Any item of clothing sewn completely by the 4-H member; any household item sewn by same; any other item sewn by the member; any embroidered item made by the 4-H member; or any quilted item made by the 4-H member.

Veterinary Science: A poster displaying the parts of an animal, normal vital signs, diseases, plants that are poisonous to the animal, genetics, and/or nutrition for the animal.

Wildlife: A display of 6 labeled sketches or photos of wildlife that the 4-H member studied; casts of animal tracks that the member made; items the member made for wildlife use (birdhouses, feeding stations, etc.); or a labeled display of collected items.

Woodworking: A project built from wood (suggestions: beginner – bookends or rack, napkin-, key-, letter-, bag-, or broom-holder, birdhouse, cutting board, picture frame, bootjack, or stilts; intermediate – toolbox, footstool, bench, candleholder, game, spice rack, tie rack, or telephone shelf; advanced – gun rack, toys, garage creeper, shoeshine kit, knife rack, or equivalent); or a woodcarving project; or a detailed woodworking plan.

Writing: A collection of poems; a short story; a journal; or an illustrated story. Entries should be neatly presented, and if not typed, should be printed legibly.

* Creativity Unlimited *: Any exhibit made entirely by the 4-H’er during the current 4-H year that is not covered under another project category in these rules. The exhibit project must have the approval of the 4-H’er’s leader or project advisor.


Project Records Reminder:

Project Records are due by September 30th! You don’t have to wait until then to submit them, though. We will gladly accept them anytime in September. Also, remember to review your project records (or exchange records with a friend) to check for omissions or errors – many points are lost by members who forget to fill in all the fields! Good luck to you all!


Requirement for Clubs

The 4-H year officially ends on September 30th. Please, finalize your club treasurer’s report and send or bring to the office. We will make a photo copy of it and give to the auditors. A report will be sent to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for complying with this mandate from the University.


Tractor Supply Company comes to Calais… an opportunity to raise awareness and funds for 4-H!

We are pleased to announce that there is a new Tractor Supply Company store opening in Calais! As 4-H and TSC have had a longstanding national partnership, there have been many 4-H clubs and programs that have benefited from the fundraising TSC helps to promote such as the Paper Clover promotion. On Saturday, October 26th, TSC will be hosing their Grand Opening. We have been invited to be part of the celebration – and have been welcomed to have tables, displays, animal demonstrations, 4-H awareness materials and fundraising! If you and your club would like to show an animal or host a bake sale table or hotdog stand, or you have another idea to add to the celebration, please contact Nicole in the Machias office at 207.255.3345.


A message from the University of Maine…

Greetings! As you make plans for your 4-H clubs this coming school year, please take a moment to consider a visit to the University of Maine! I am working on compiling a list of experiences for 4-H youth in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math areas. In the meantime, remember you can get in touch with me to match a UMaine offering to the needs of your youth.

Some example offerings include:

While many of these experiences are at the University of Maine campus in Orono, we also have faculty and graduate students willing to travel to YOUR location!

As always, if you have youth interested in a topic that is not on this short list, please let me know and I’ll see what I can arrange specially for you! In 2013/2014, we also will have some special offerings… including an opportunity to connect with a researcher on an Arctic climate change research trip, and opportunities to spend a Saturday exploring a science topic at UMaine. Details on these will be shared as soon as the programs are set.

Keep in touch,

Laura Wilson
University of Maine Cooperative Extension
4-H Science Professional – UMaine 4-H Science
103C Libby Hall, Orono, Maine
207.581.2971; mobile: 207.949.2167


 4-H News from the State

The New England 4-H Dog Program Poster Contest
Open to all 4-H member 5 through 18 years of age, as of January 1 of the current year, who are enrolled in the 4-H Dog Care and Training project. Visit the website for information. Page 12 has the contest rules.  If unable to open this page; contact Donna Flint at 207.324.2814 or by email at:


The New England 4-H Beef Poster, Ad or Logo Contest
Are you too young or otherwise unable to attend the Big E? This is your chance to promote your beef project. For rules and registration information, go to the website. Look for pages 14 and 15 for complete information. If unable to open this page; contact Donna Flint at 207.324.2814 or by email at:


Cumberland Fair 4-H Dog Show
The Cumberland Fair 4-H Dog Show, will be held Friday, September 27, 2013 at 3:30 P.M. at the Livestock Arena, Cumberland Fairgrounds, 197 Blanchard Road, Cumberland, Maine.

The 4-H Dog show will include Showmanship (Novice – Advanced), Obedience (Pre-Novice – Advanced Graduate Novice), and a fun obstacle course. This show is open to 4-H youth ages 9 – 18 enrolled in the 4-H Dog Project in any Maine county. Dog show entry forms are due to the 4-H Show Representative Sara Conant by Monday September 9, 2013. For more information and registration form please visit the website.


AFUM Scholarship
The Associated Faculty of the University of Maine offers three $300 scholarships. These scholarships are available to both volunteers or youth who are students attending a University of Maine System campus. Deadline for applications is September 13th. Applications available by emailing or


Beef Heifer Project
The New England Galloway Group is announcing their annual Heifer Project, which places a Belted Galloway heifer calf with a deserving youth recipient to allow for a hands-on education in beef cattle rearing and showmanship and to develop a love of the breed. The youth selected to receive a heifer is expected to return the first heifer calf back to the program so it will continue each year. If you are interested in applying for this program, you can download the application at the website; the application deadline is December 31, 2013.


Robotics Expo
You’re invited to join us for a day of fun with robotics and science on Saturday, October 19, 2013, at the University of Southern Maine, Gorham campus. The event is open to any youth, ages 5-18, participating in or interested in 4-H robotics program. Prior robotics experience is not needed to attend. In the morning, individuals and teams will have the opportunity to share their ideas and creations with judges and other participants in a non-competitive ‘science fair’ format. During the day, youth participate in a workshop and in an on-site challenge event. Pre-registration is required.

For more information, please visit the website or contact Sarah Sparks, 1.800.287.1458 or if you have any questions.


Get Ready for 4-H Maps & Apps
4-H National Headquarters and National 4-H Council are pleased to reveal the National Science Experiment for the 2013 4-H National Youth Science Day. 4-H Maps & Apps will introduce youth to the power of geospatial technologies and their unique ability to help us understand and improve our communities.

Developed by Colorado State University Extension, this exciting activity will engage young people in ways to improve our environment with the help of geographic information systems (GIS) and global positioning systems (GPS).

The experiment will test the ability of young people to:

- Use geospatial skills to create the ideal neighborhood park

- Become a community planner by using maps and layers to investigate and solve real-world problems

- Contribute data about their community to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) The National Map, through The National Map Corps project.


Save the Date!
This annual youth science event will be held on Wednesday, October 9, 2013, and will bring 4-H’ers together from all around the nation to complete this single, innovative activity. Participation in 4-H National Youth Science Day is meant to help spark an early passion for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education and to encourage young people to consider these paths of study and future careers.

To download the 2013 National Science Experiment Youth and Facilitator Guides as well as other key resources, visit the 4-H National Youth Science Day website.


4-H Animal Science Committees
Maine’s Animal Science Committees are comprised of 4-H volunteers who work with Extension staff to develop an educational plan for youth in animal programs statewide. Committees plan various educational programs and events available to youth in animal projects throughout the year. One program that volunteers coordinate is the Eastern States program. Volunteers coordinate the teams that represent Maine at the Big E each year in September. There are seven Animal Science Committees, dairy, beef, horse, sheep, dairy goat, dog, and working steer that are looking for volunteers to join their committees. You can learn more about the committees and the application process to join at the website. For more information please contact Michaele Bailey at, 207.581.3872 or Donna Flint at, 207.324.2814.


The Big E Bus
There will be two busses are going down to the Big E on Maine Day again this year, Saturday September 28. You and your family can spend the day at the Big E in West Springfield, Massachusetts taking in the fair and cheering on our Eastern States Animal Science teams. Please contact Jessy Brainerd for more information and to reserve a seat on the bus, at or 207.581.3877. This trip is sponsored by the Maine Trustees to Eastern States.


Maine 4-H Days – Another Great Year
In early 2014, planning will start for next year’s Maine 4-H Days. If you are interested in joining the Maine 4-H Days Planning Committee, or have general questions/comments/recommendations about the event, please email, or call 207.581.3877.


Celebrating 100 Years of 4-H in Maine
2013 marks the 100th birthday of 4-H in Maine, and we want YOU to celebrate with us!

Check with your local county office to find activities in your neck of the wood, and plan on coming to the party at Maine 4-H Days this year; there will be cake, ice cream, a chance to look back on all that we’ve accomplished, as well as a chance to look forward and see what’s in the works! Please check out our special Celebrating 100 Years in Maine website – we are also encouraging all of you to consider giving financially to the 4-H Foundation as we work to raise $100,000 in 2013 to support the 4-H program.

Happy 100 years Maine 4-H, and here’s to many more!


Eastern States Exposition, New England Center Program
Calling all 4-H youth, ages 11 and up, along with volunteers who have an interest in showcasing the many interests and talents of Maine 4-H… we want you! Join the group of dedicated performers and demonstrators as we share our love for 4-H with the fairgoers at The Big E in West Springfield, Mass, the 3rd weekend in September. It’s an experience you will not soon forget.

Maine 4-H participates with displays and demonstrations in the New England Center, which also houses creative arts competitions, and daily stage performances. Working in teams of two at stations called “pods”, youth demonstrate 4-H projects this year will be focused on Robotics and Engineering. Youth also have the opportunity to participate in stage performances, which consist of planned presentations using costumes and other props, as needed. All projects and demonstrations will be centered on a science theme. Please call the UMaine Cooperative Extension Office in Oxford County at 207.743.6329 or 1.800.287.1482 (in Maine) for specific details and for the team application. Space is limited, and will be filled on a first-come, first served basis. Sign up now as a small group with other teens. Students will stay in the dorm; meals and transportation will be provided. 4-Hers participating in the New England Center Program are eligible to apply for the Morris Scholarship.


2013 Morris Scholarship for Eastern States Participants
Congratulations to Maddy G., winner of the 2013 Morris Scholarship. Maddy is a member of the Eastern States Dairy Team and the All Star Dairy Club in Cumberland County. The Morris Scholarship is awarded every other year to a member of one of the Eastern States Animal Science teams. All the best Maddy.


Maine Fair Season Insurance
Maine fair season will soon be upon us! Most Maine fairs now require proof of insurance in order to exhibit livestock at their fairs. Proof of insurance usually is requested for individuals including the exhibitor (4-H member), owner of the animal, and anyone who may be responsible for maintaining the animal at the event (e.g. parents or volunteers). Some fairs no longer allow homeowner insurance policies. Please check your specific fair to see what they accept. Most fairs do accept the Maine Association of Livestock Exhibitors (MALE) Insurance. Below is the information for the MALE insurance.

MALE annual membership renewal is in June. Last year’s membership ended on June 30. A benefit of being a member of this association includes liability insurance at specific events, including Maine fairs. Please refer to the events that it does cover for the state. Also, as a clarification, as of July 1,2011, this insurance is a display and exhibitors policy; therefore the following activities are not covered: equine racing, trotting, barrel racing, steeplechase, rodeos, and team penning. Any and all ox, steer, pony and horse rides, wagon, sleigh, and hay rides and dog and sheep dog activities. More information is available at the website.


Celebrating 100 Years in Maine with 100 4-H Geocaches!
WHAT: Several 4-H clubs around the state are already preparing for 4-H National Youth Science Day and getting 4-H families excited about the world of Geospatial technology.

HOW: Clubs in Washington and Penboscot counties have launched geocaches at the club and/or county level. They have already hidden more than 10 geocaches! There is even a 4-H geocache hidden at the University of Maine. This is a fun way for our youth to explore Geospatial science and technology, as well as experience being part of a statewide collaborative! We do have resources available to help in our 4-H Science Geospatial Toolkits at the website.

WHY: It would be great for Maine 4-H to create 100 geocaches to celebrate 100 years of 4-H in Maine! These could be for one time use with a club or designed for more frequent use. Would you like your family or 4-H club to be involved?

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Check with your county office to see what is happen at the local level or connect with Sarah Sparks at or 207.353.5550 or 1.800.287.1458.


Cooking with the Kids

Fruit Pizza

3 cups biscuit mix
1/2 cup sugar
1 egg well beaten
1/4 cup water
1 teaspoon vanilla

Stir together the mix and sugar. Combine the egg, water and vanilla. Stir the liquid mixture into the dry ingredients until well blended. Press dough onto lightly greased cookie sheet. Bake at 350 F for 10 to 15 minutes or until light brown on the edges. Cool.

Spread with vanilla pudding or 8 ounces softened cream cheese. Top with sliced fresh or drained canned fruit.

UMaine Extension

Image Description: 4-Hers at the Pembroke Farm and Horse Fair

Image Description: Horse Jumping at the Pembroke Farm and Horse Fair


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