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4-H Flash Newsletter- June 2012

Volume 7, Issue 6


June 22-24- Maine 4-H Days- Windsor Fairgrounds

June 30- Super Sitter Course, Machias

June 30- Animal Approval Forms Due

July 1-7- Citizen Washington Focus

July 8, 9, 10, 2012- ESE Horse Tryouts – Skowhegan Fairgrounds

July 10-12- Gears Pulleys and Wheels 4-H Camp- Whiting

July 13, 20, 27- Way Cool Science 4-H Camp-Jonesport

July 17-19- Gears Pulleys and Wheels 4-H Camp- Pleasant Point

July 24-26- Gears Pulleys and Wheels 4-H Camp- Whitneyville (full)

July 21 & 22, 2012- Dairy Events at the Windsor Fairgrounds


Princeton Pioneers Place Flags on Veterans’ Graves

Princeton Pioneers put flags on veterans' graves.

Princeton Pioneers put flags on veterans’ graves.

On Friday May 25th, the Princeton Pioneers assisted Sonny Wentworth in replacing the flags on the Veterans graves in the Princeton Cemetery. This is becoming an annual event that the young people look forward to. This year they were joined by two of their newest members, Lisa and Emily Curtis.


4-H Super Sitter Babysitting Course to Be Offered In Machias

The University of Maine Cooperative Extension 4-H Program will offer a Super Sitter Babysitting Course on Saturday, June 30, 2012 at the University of Maine Cooperative Extension office in Machias.  The course will take place from 9:00 a.m. — 3:00 p.m. Cost for the program is $15 for 4-H members and $20 for 4-H nonmembers.  The course is open for boys and girls ages 12 and up.

The emphasis of the course is on the physical safety and security of the child but points out equally important needs such as friendship, companionship, understanding and patience.  Students will learn about children of different ages, how to relate to them, and how to avoid some of the pitfalls that often accompany childcare. Participants will receive training in basic first aid and how to respond in an emergency situation.  Participants will receive a certificate of completion.

Registration is required.  Please register by calling the University of Maine Cooperative Extension at 1-800-287-1542 or by emailing


Washington County Bulletin Board Items

The Experiential Learning Process

Maddy displaying the Mother’s Day shirt she made through skills learned in 4-H.

Maddy displaying the Mother’s Day shirt she made through skills learned in 4-H.

Submitted by Nicole Willey, 4-H Program Aide
As 4-H is a “Learn by Doing” organization, our members and volunteers often exemplify the Experiential Learning Process (see E.L.P. diagram).  I was recently able to witness this process first hand through my daughter, a member of the 4-H Machines club.
1. Maddy EXPERIENCED hand sewing at a club meeting.  The 4-H Machines are working on sewing basics and hope to make a blanket to donate.
2. She SHARED her experience with her peers, her grandmother and myself.
3. This allowed her to PROCESS the experience, analyzing and reflecting on what she had learned.
4. A week later, Mother’s Day was approaching.  Maddy was able to GENERALIZE that her sewing could be used for a real-world project.
5. She then APPLIED her new skills to make a beautiful shirt, as seen in this photo!
I want to thank Maddy for her thoughtfulness, her club leader and volunteers for teaching their skills, and to all of you for practicing the Experiential Learning Process as 4-Hers! [Go explore: check inside your curriculum books and I bet you will find your own copy of this diagram!]

Experiential Learning Model

Experiential Learning Model


4-H @ UMaine the largest yet

By Brenna Merrill and Sage Roling , 4-H @ UMaine Attendees

The annual 4-H @ UMaine conference, May 18-20 on the University of Maine campus in Orono, drew 85 youths ages 12-18 from throughout the state — the highest attendance in the program’s five-year history.

This program is designed to bring youth together in a real college environment to give them the opportunity to broaden their horizons and get them interested in different classes or majors that the university has to offer, as well as encourage them to consider going to college within their own state.

The youths, many of whom are 4-H members, stay in the UMaine residence halls and participate in a number of campus-based activities, including workshops, panel discussions and group recreation.

Mitch Mason, a 4-H educator in Cumberland County and one of the conference organizers, said he is excited for kids to take away information from each of the workshops, such as learning about oxygen carrying molecules in the blood of a lobster.

This year there were 12 volunteers and five staff members.  The volunteers are necessary for safety and for having a good volunteer-to-youth ratio for moving kids from workshop to workshop.

“This program would not happen without the volunteers,” said Mason. The cost for the entire weekend is estimated to be around $12,000. A big part of that has been donated for the last few years by Time Warner Cable. The funding goes toward paying for the dorms, food and materials, as well as the bus ride to campus.

Mason urged the youths attending 4-H @ Maine to make new friends, connect with other people and “be comfort- able in their own skin.”

“It will all work out in the end,” said Mason.

Debra Kantor, a 4-H educator in Somerset County who also helped organized the conference, said she wants participants to have fun and get to know other for 4-Hers. She also talked about the importance of planning for your college future.

“Think about what it means to be successful. It isn’t always about the prestige, money or the title. Be open to exploring your options,” said Kantor.

Mason said college gives you “options and power” because it opens up so many opportunities that you may have not had otherwise.

Mitch Mason and Debra Kantor

Mitch Mason and Debra Kantor


Washington County 4-Hers Attend 4-H @ UMaine Conference

Ciara, Emily, Hayden and Cole all attended 4-H @ UMaine.

Ciara, Emily, Hayden and Cole all attended 4-H @ UMaine.

Members from the REZ Club who attended are Mallory, back left, front three farthest right in order left to right, Jaiden, Kaylah and Alexis.

Members from the REZ Club who attended are Mallory, back left, front three farthest right in order left to right, Jaiden, Kaylah and Alexis.

Kids Talk UMaine

By Brenna Merrill, 4-H @ UMaine Attendee

Diversity at this 4-H event is what it is all about. Youth are ages 12-18 years.

Some have been in 4-H for years. Others just started or perhaps aren’t even members. Nick Leotsakos, a 4-Her from Kennebec County, has been attending this event for three years. This year, he and a few other youths were asked to be a part of the Junior Volunteer Panel to help plan and prepare for the event, as well as be a volunteer on site. Debra Kantor, a 4-H educator in Somerset County, says having youth on the planning committee brings a new perspective and gives them a sense of leadership in organizing such a big event.

Simeon Gray has attended this event for four years and consistently enjoys making new friends. His favorite workshops are engineering-based. He said it’s important at a conference like this to be open to meeting new friends.

“You never know what kind of people you’ll find when you start talking,” said Gray, who wants to attend the University of Maine and is interested in being an environmental scientist or a design engineer.

For other participants, the conference is more about the fun of being on campus and meeting new people. Emily Whittemore’s favorite part? “Sleeping in the dorm and using the plastic key.” She is interested in psychology, but is unsure about college plans. Her suggestion to others is “just be yourself.”

Her sister, Ashley, said she enjoyed the more artistic workshops offered during the weekend. Her possible choices for the future include acting, film, psychology and alternative medicine.

As the weekend moves forward, youth are looking forward to lots of learning and socializing, and, hopefully, thinking about paths for the future, upholding the 4-H motto, “To make the best better.”



The University of Maine Cooperative Extension is pleased to announce openings in 4-H Summer Day Camp Programs that will be held in July.  We presently have openings in the Gears, Pulleys and Wheels Camp scheduled for July 10-12 in Whiting, July 17-19 in Pleasant Point, and the Way Cool Science Camp scheduled for Fridays, July 13, 20 and 27 in Jonesport.  These camps are for youth ages 6-9.  The camps cost $20 for the three day program.  For more information or to register, please contact the University of Maine Cooperative Extension office at 255-3345 or toll free at 1-800-287-1542.


Photo Contest Celebrating USDA’s 150th Anniversary

This is your opportunity to submit photos that capture the diverse ways young people are engaged in agriculture today and the impact it has on communities!!  Contestants must be a 4-H member, volunteer, alumnus, or staff and 14 years of age or older. All photographs must be taken by an amateur photographer. Visit for official contest rules.

Photos can be submitted on now through the end of the contest, July 2 2012. Photos should reflect on one of three areas of focus: citizenship in agricultural issues, how agriculture affects healthy living, and the science behind agriculture. All eligible photos will be available for public voting during July 18-August 1. The photos with the most votes will be chosen as finalists. The finalists’ entries will then be voted on by a panel of judges consisting of USDA staff who will determine the top winners.

The winning photographs will be prominently displayed within the 4-H/USDA Headquarters in Washington, D.C., during National 4-H Week, October 1-6, 2012.

The Photo contest and display are part of the 150th anniversary celebrations of the Morrill Act and Cooperative Extension.


Downeast Region 4-H School/Group Reports

Ella Lewis School – The 2nd grade enthusiastically took part in the “Seed, Soil & Sun” program, exploring through hands-on activities, music and dance the parts of plants and from where our food comes. The 1st grade is getting ready to learn about water and how it travels in the 4-H program “The Incredible Journey” to help round out their science studies on solids, liquids and gases. Kindergarten is learning about the life cycle of ladybugs and 1st grade is doing the same with butterflies, raising them from egg to adult – exciting science!


Mount Desert Elementary School – All the ducks hatched! The 4th
grade finished their embryology & duck hatching 4-H project with 12 new
ducklings as a result. All the ducks were adopted to good homes in the area.
They will be sharing all they learned with their 4-H leader Julie Kearney at
Jamboree in the “Make Way for Ducklings” workshop. Be sure to check it
out! Meanwhile, the 7th and 8th grade have completed their wind power
projects, presenting them to the community on May 3rd in a school “Wind
Blade Challenge.” The students in teams created wind power displays and
tested their designs to see who could create the most electricity from their
turbine. Winning teams were “The Ventus” with 18.86, “The Shox” with 18.14
volts, “The Dumptruck” with 18.93 volts, and “Bob” with 18.97 volts. Way to
go! The evening was rounded out by the 7th grade “Green Team,” along with the 8th grade class, modeling their garment creations in the “Recycle Fashion Show,” wearable art all made from paper. Now that’s recycling with a new twist!

All the ducks hatched at Mount Desert Elementary School!

All the ducks hatched at Mount Desert Elementary School!

Trenton Elementary School – Trenton Elementary School has had a great 4-H year with their after school program led by 4-H volunteers Gail Duym, Dan Rayner, and Stefanie Roguski.

They had a great end-of the year party on May 17th, complete with a 4-H display – including their club exhibit they made for Jamboree! – and a slide show of all their good times together throughout the year. Pizza and ice cream sundaes were the favorite highlight of all! The first grade class is hard at work on their class exhibit for Jamboree. Can’t wait to see what they come up with!


Lisa’s Corner

By the time many of you read this month’s newsletter, another 4-H June Jamboree will be behind us with many fond memories of learning new things and sharing time with 4-H family and friends. For 4-Hers in livestock projects, this marks the beginning of the fair season and a chance to show off all their hard work with more camping trips with family and fellow 4-Hers in store throughout the summer. For those 4-Hers in other projects, there are chances for you to do more 4-H family-centered activities, too. If you liked (and maybe even loved) your time spent at Jamboree, or if maybe you couldn’t make it out, think about going to the state 4-H event, Maine 4-H Days. This has always been a highlight of my family’s summer and mine as a volunteer and parent – and now that is more true then ever. You and your family can enjoy this great weekend at the Windsor Fair Grounds, June 22nd through 24th, and do more work in project areas in which you are already involved – or explore something entirely new! From arts, crafts, gardening, science and livestock offerings, as well as evening socializing from contradancing to enjoying a movie night, there is really something for everyone – and parents and leaders can participate, too! For more information on this great event and registration forms, check out the State News article #1 on page seven of this newsletter.


Maine State News

1. 2012 Maine 4-H Days – June 22nd – 24th – Thanks to everyone who has sent in their 4-H Days paperwork. 2012 is definitely shaping up to
be a great year for Maine 4-H Days! Some of the enrichment programs are starting to fill up.
The registration forms on the website will be kept up-to-date with information about which
sessions are full. If you would like to sign up for Maine 4-H Days but would prefer paper copies of the form – please just send an email to, or call the office at 800-287-0274 or 581-3877, and we will send the forms right out to you. You can also fax your forms to 581-1387.

Some of the great activities at Maine 4-H Days:

.               New for 2012: Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night – there will be organized activities for youth 
of all ages, including a Contra Dance and a movie night!

.               There are a lot of great things to make and eat – from Regional Italian Cooking, to Spring Rolls & 
Smoothies – you can even learn how to make ice cream in a Ziploc bag!

.               One-Day animal tracks include Dog Camp and Poultry. The Horse track will be running all three 
days. There are workshops being offered for Beef, Sheep, Goat, and Working Steers.

.               You can get active in Karate or learn first aid for yourself or your animal; you could even learn to 
speak Italian or Sign Language!

.               There is so much more – check out all of our Enrichment Programs! 
Volunteers – don’t feel left out! You can participate in a number of different activities too – from VOLT training for those who need it – to Team Building Fun and Shelter Building! 
More information and all of the registration materials are available online at: Get your registrations in by June 4th to be eligible for the reduced registration fee! We look forward to seeing you all at the Windsor Fairgrounds June 21 – 24!

2. 4-H Dairy Project Members – Hold the Dates in 2012 – 
Please hold the following dates for your participation in the State 4-H Dairy Programs: – Intent to Participate Form due May 1, 2012 for 4-H Dairy Team to Eastern States: Fitting Competition July 21, 5:00 pm at the Windsor Fairgrounds 
- Maine State 4-H Dairy Show July 22, 9:00 am at the Windsor Fairgrounds. The 2012 dairy packet is now on-line on the dairy page, same link as above.

3. Save the Dates! 2012 Northeast Region 4-H Volunteer E-Forum 
Join with other 4-H Volunteers in your community to learn cutting edge information that will
help you work with your 4-H members. Session topics include Dealing with Difficult
People/Conflict Resolution, Behavior Management in Positive Youth Development Settings,
and Working with Multi-Aged Youth in Club Settings. More information about the location and additional details will be announced soon! Stay current by liking the Facebook page – 2012 Northeast Region 4-H Volunteer Forum.

Join the 4-H Techno Revolution! 
Dates for the 3 Sessions –
All sessions will take place 7 – 8:30 pm
Monday, October 29 – Monday, November 5 – Monday, November 12

4.  Eastern States Dairy Goat Team Tryout InformationESE Goat Team Tryout information: This year a one-day tryout will be held for any
youth interested in being on Maine ESE Goat Team. If you would like to try out for the
team, the tryout will be held during Maine 4-H Days on June 24, 2012 at Windsor Fair-
ground. The complete registration packet will be available soon on the Maine 4-H Days webpage at If you have questions about the process please contact Tami Hussey at 207-282-3201 or You must have submitted your ESE Intent form by April 15th to participate in the Tryout.

5. ESE 4-H Beef Program Scholarship - The Eastern States 4-H Beef Program Scholarship is available. Two $1,000 scholarships are given each year. This opportunity is open to high school seniors and current college students who have participated in the Eastern States Exposition 4-H Beef Program.

6. Market Lamb Tagging Sites for Windsor & Fryeburg Fairs - If you have already submitted your intent form, you must bring your lamb to be tagged at one of the following sites:
The following tagging sites have been scheduled:
May 20, 2012, 10:00 am, at the Northeast Livestock Expo (NELE) at Windsor Fairgrounds June 2, 2012, all day Saturday, at the Fiber Frolic at Windsor Fairgrounds

June 16, 2012, 10:00 am, at the Oxford County June Jamboree, at the Oxford Fairgrounds June 23, 2012, Saturday, at Maine 4-H Days, at Windsor Fairgrounds

Donna Flint will be doing the tagging, and will provide the approval forms. If you have any questions, you can call her at 324-2814, or (800) 287-1535, or contact her via email at:

7. Military Teen Adventure Camps 2012-2013 – Nearly 1600 military teens (14-18 years old) will have an opportunity to participate (at little to no cost) in adventure camps scheduled April 2012 through March 2013. These high energy, high adventure, and high experience camps are planned across the United States from Alaska to Maine and from Colorado to Georgia as well as states in between.

Each camp offers a unique outdoor experience that will allow a teen to build leadership, self- confidence, and teamwork skills while participating in activities like backpacking, river rafting, canoeing, wilderness survival, rocketry, rock climbing, GPS use, mountain biking, first aid, winter camping, dog sledding, ropes courses, camp cooking, archery, and other camp activities. Camps for youth with special needs (mental, physical, and emotional) are also planned in California, Ohio, and New Hampshire. For military youth already in the Pacific Rim, two camp dates are available in Hawaii. Information may be found at the following URL:

8. Trip and Travel Camps with Tanglewood and Blueberry Cove 4-H Camps – This summer, Tanglewood and Blueberry Cove 4-H Camps are offering 11 different and exciting week-long Outdoor Discovery Trips. Maine’s woods, mountains and waters are perfect settings to learn wilderness skills, teamwork, and observe wildlife while living lightly on the land. Discovery Trips are for campers aged 9-17 who want a more physically and mentally challenging
experience. Rain or shine, we are on the trail, on the water, and on the go! Trips run July 1-August 17 and offer something for everyone: sailing, canoeing, camping, rock climbing, deep-sea fishing, rafting, hiking the Appalachian Trail or coastal island hopping! All equipment is provided. If you are looking for an adventure this summer, look no further! For more information please visit or contact Patti Chapman at 207-789-5668.

10. Maine 4-H Shooting Sports Training – June 8-10 – The ME 4HSS Training Weekend Workshop will be held June 8-10, 2012 at the
University of Maine 4-H Camp & Learning Center at Bryant Pond, Oxford County.
The training starts Friday evening and runs through Sunday, meals and lodging are included, financial assistance is available. For more information on the workshop please go to our website: or contact Scott Olsen at or 665-2068.

11. New England 4-H Dog and Beef Poster Contests- There are great opportunities for youth in the 4-H Dog Care Project, and the 4-H Beef Project to participate in The Big E, even without going to Springfield. There are two different contests avail- able:
- The New England 4-H Beef Poster, Ad or Logo Contest: projects/animal-science-resources/beef/the-new-england-4-h-beef-poster-ad-or-logo-contest/

- The New England 4-H Dog Program Poster Contest: science-resources/dog/eastern-states-exposition/the-new-england-4-h-dog-program-poster-contest/

4-Hers of all ages can give their entries to a team member or chaperone headed to The Big E for submission.

12. 4-H National Horse Communications Team Tryouts – Interested in a horse related 4H national public speaking competition in Louisville, Kentucky
Nov. 2-4? Participants must be at least 14 yrs. old but not have reached their 19th birthday
by Jan. 1st, 2012. For more information on this event go to: Please contact Lee Sargent at or call 207-479-6014 for tryout opportunities and competition details.


Cooking with the Kids

Banana-Pear Caterpillar Recipe

1 lettuce leaf
1 medium banana, peeled
1/2 medium red pear, cut into 1/4-inch slices
2 raisins

Place lettuce on a salad plate; top with the banana. Cut 1/4-in. V-shaped slices halfway through the banana, spacing cuts 1 in. apart. Place a pear slice, peel side up, in each cut. For eyes, gently press raisins into one end of banana. Serve immediately. Yield: 1 serving.

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