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Maine’s flagship

The University of Maine is the flagship campus of the University of Maine System. As such, it provides the state’s most comprehensive academic experience at Maine’s largest public research institution, with more than 90 majors and programs across five colleges and the Maine Business School.

Undergraduate research

At the University of Maine, undergraduate researchers have the opportunity to publish, travel and work alongside UMaine’s world-class scholars and scientists. The Center for Undergraduate Research was established in 2008 to connect students with faculty projects that suit their interests. Skills developed through research and scholarship make students more competitive in the workplace and in graduate school.

Center for Undergraduate Research

World-class facilities

At UMaine, undergraduates have access to cutting-edge technology in our state-of-the-art research labs, teaching facilities and world-class research centers. Among the highlights are the Climate Change Institute, which has been featured on “60 Minutes,” the Laboratory for Surface Science and Technology, which is a hub for cutting-edge sensor and nanotechnology research, and the Advanced Structures & Composites Center(pictured), which is leading the way on offshore wind technology.

With honors

The Honors College at UMaine, one of the country’s oldest honors programs, draws some 750 undergraduates in all disciplines who are interested in an in-depth, well-rounded, academically challenging experience. Because this is a competitive program, students are invited to become a part of the college during the admissions review process. Here, Honors students Aaron Perreault and Bradie Manion work with Carol Kim, an associate professor of Biochemistry, Microbiology and Molecular Biology who conducts groundbreaking cystic fibrosis research using zebrafish.

Innovative spirit

UMaine’s Innovation Engineering minor is designed to help students develop, refine, communicate and implement new ideas. It is housed at the Foster Center for Student Innovation, which connects student entrepreneurs with the resources they need to succeed.

Academic options

College is a chance to create the life you’ve always imagined — or a life you haven’t even dreamed up yet. Whatever your medium — a paintbrush, a Sharpie, sensors or circuit boards, a camera or a laptop — the picture you create is going to be a work of art. Or science.

Learn more about our majors and academic programs here. Undecided about what to study at UMaine? Check out our Explorations program.

Above and beyond

At the University of Maine, learning isn’t confined to a classroom, lecture hall or laboratory. In fact, that’s just the beginning. Our student investment club manages a $1.6 million real-money portfolio. Wildlife Ecology students learn about bear behavior by actually going out into a den and tagging cubs. Students in the biological sciences spend their first weekend investigating flora and fauna of the Schoodic Peninsula (pictured). Engineering majors gain real-world experience through co-ops and internships. The opportunities for hands-on learning are endless here.

Liberal arts focus

UMaine offers the state’s most comprehensive liberal arts experience, which benefits students in all disciplines. The humanities are central to the UMaine experience, and students have the opportunity to participate in outreach such as the pictured Philosophy Across the Ages project, which connects UMaine students with area high schools to engage younger generations in philosophical inquiry.

Friends in high places

At UMaine, our faculty don’t just teach classes — many are deeply involved in their students’ education, personal growth and life after graduation. UMaine provides opportunities for close interaction with professors and mentorship typically found at a much smaller college. Here, students discuss international commerce over coffee with John Mahon, a professor of management in the Maine Business School.

Volumes of volumes

Fogler Library, Maine’s largest library, houses more than 1 million volumes, subscribes to over 4,000 periodicals and serial titles and serves as a depository for over 2.2 million government documents. Fogler also provides access to countless online resources.

Graduate excellence

At UMaine, undergraduates benefit from the presence of Maine’s pre-eminent graduate school, which offers more than 75 master’s programs and 30 doctoral programs.Here, Chemical Engineering major Stephanie Yum works alongside master’s student Alex Demers to refine a process used to make valuable carbon nanofibers in the Forest Bioproducts Research Institute.

Alumni success

What can you do with a UMaine degree? University of Maine alumni have gone on to win the Nobel Peace Prize, the Pulitzer Prize, the Oscar and the Tony; serve in the U.S. Senate; write best-selling novels; and Play for the NFL, NHL and Major League Baseball.

Our recent graduates have found success in the workforce and in graduate school. Some 84 percent of recent UMaine alumni had found jobs — 65 percent full-time, 19 percent part-time — and 29 percent went on to graduate or professional school.

Learn more about Life After UMaine.

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