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Administration - Assistant Chief of Relations and Membership


  • Maintains a positive image of UVAC with the campus and surrounding communities
  • Maintains and updates personnel files
  • Represents UVAC at Event Management Meetings
  • Maintains roster with up‐to‐date information
  • Maintains attendance record for the purpose of assuring attendance requirements are met
  • Responsible for ensuring personnel CPR, MEMS licenses and Immunizations are current
  • Responsible for completing the orientation processes for all applicants
  • Maintains contact with new members during  their initial UVAC experience
  • Maintains alumni list in conjunction with Alumni Relations Office
  • Updates and creates promotional materials
  • Posts flyers/posters and distributes brochures
  • Responsible for oversight and coordination of UVAC banquet and social events
  • Provides coverage as the Supervisor On‐Duty in a rotation as determined by the group
  • Serve as command at all events requiring the position (in conjunction with other leadership members)
  • Maintains the integrity of the chain‐of‐command
  • Other duties as assigned by the Chief or Student Chief of Service

Alana Silverman (Alumni)

Alana Silverman (Membership)

Kim Jordan (Membership)

Kim Jordan (Alumni)


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