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Administration - Assistant Chief of Logistics



Ty Bolte

  • Coordinate special events which require EMS Coverage
  • Represents UVAC at Event Management Meetings
  • Responsible for all parking issues and policies
  • Responsible for ensuring that the ambulance is in proper working order
  • Responsible for overseeing the driver training program
  • Scheduling of all ambulance and equipment maintenance
  • Responsible for keeping an accurate inventory of all equipment
  • Responsible for locating and purchasing needed equipment and supplies
  • Responsible for ensuring all maintenance checks are completed
  • Responsible for maintenance of campus AEDs
  • Responsible for equipment returns from medical facilities
  • Responsible for updating and maintaining MSDS binder
  • Provides coverage as the Supervisor On‐Duty in a rotation as determined by the group
  • Serve as Command at all events requiring the position
  • Maintain the integrity of the chain‐of‐command
  • Other duties as assigned by the Chief or Student Chief of Service

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