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B.U.S. Online

Enrolling in University Studies from a Distance

Distance students may complete the application process without coming to the campus. If the student is unable to travel to the University of Maine campus, then a scheduled telephone interview may substitute for the typical in-office interview. The student may be requested to forward academic records to the advisor prior to the scheduled telephone interview. At the time of the interview, the advisor and student will discuss the degree plan and the suitability of the program for the student’s educational needs. All paper work, including official transcripts must be submitted prior to the interview.

Registering for a Course at a Distance

Students may enroll, when appropriate, in courses on ITV, Compressed Video, or the Web. If taking a course at a distance, (not the Orono campus) the student must register with UNET at 1-800-868-7000 or their local site. The “Help Line” at 581-4591 is available to assist students in connecting to their courses via Web of FirstClass conferencing. When taking courses at another campus, students must submit a “Multi-campus Notification Form” at time of registration to their advisor.

Each student is encouraged to arrange an appointment prior to registration for academic approval. Advisors are available to the student anytime during the semester to answer academic questions.