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Student Organizations - Community Associations

Community Associations

The Community Associations include the Student Heritage Alliance Council (SHAC), Student Women’s Association (SWA), and Wilde Stein. Their offices are located in the Student Organization Room 161 of the Memorial Union, near the WMEB Radio Station.

Student Heritage Alliance Council

The purpose of this community association, Student Heritage Alliance Council (SHAC), shall be to preserve and maintain the heritage of the student body by acting as an advisory board for multicultural organizations. Organizations and groups represented by SHAC hall embody elements of foreign culture, heritage, and/or language.

Student Women’s Association

The Student Women’s Association is a progressive feminist organization open to all University of Maine students. SWA builds community amount university women and offers opportunities for political activism as well as educational and social activities. SWA promotes a positive, safe, respectful environment for the women on campus and empowers women to take the lead on the issues they face.

Wilde Stein Alliance for Sexual Diversity

Wilde Stein is the University of Maine’s gay-straight alliance.  We work to educate the population at general of the inequality and hardships faces by many gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered students.  We also work to build bridges between our community and other communities on campus.  We meet in the FFA room in the Union at 7pm every Thursday.  Stop on by and join the fun!

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