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About Us - Executives

IMG_9651Aaron Ortiz
President of Student Government
Major: Mechanical Engineering

I graduated from John Bapst Memorial High School in Bangor, Maine in 2011. Since becoming a Black Bear I have been involved in multiple organizations on campus including: Sigma Phi Epsilon, Class Council/ TAPPI/PIMA, Alternative Breaks and Sophomore Owls. I am highly invested in every group that I participate in and constantly strive to make this campus a better place. my future plans include attending graduate school for Mechanical Engineering and then pursuit of a  career in the paper industry.

As President of UMSG, Inc. I hope to continue to improve student life on campus. I believe that through my role I will be able to successfully effect change at this university. I am looking to further increase the transparency of Student Government and hope to engage the general student body through many outreach programs. I am constantly looking for suggestions on how to improve our own work and the school as a whole so I ask that any student with concerns please contact us.

 IMG_9406Ryan Hall
Vice President of Student Government
Major: Psychology, Premed Neuroscience Minors

I am a senior Honors College student from Central Maine. I enjoy fitness and quirky TV sitcoms. I am also involved in Alternative Breaks and Bearfest Dance marathon. I am a founding brother of Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity. I plan to attend medical school after I graduate.

IMG_9358Justin Conant
Vice President of Financial Affairs
Major: Finance and Economics

I grew up in Canton, maine next to our family dairy farm, Conant Acres. After attending Dirigo High School I came to the University of Maine with a strong sense of where I want to go. I’ve been very fourtunate over the past few years and been able to join some great organizations and accomplish many of my goals. Being a part of Sigma Phi Epsilon, Spiffy, UMSG, Inc. and the UMaine Business Challendge have opeend plenty of doors and made my experience at UMaine a great one so far. I work at Unum in Portland during the summer, and you can usually fnd me playing golf or orunning.

Andrew Prusaitis
Vice President of Student Organizations
Major: Bioengineering

I am a junior and I have enjoyed all of the time I have spent here. I am a proud brother of Sigma Phi Epsilon and also the Executive Vice President. I have been part of many clubs including Alternative Breaks and the Bioengineering Club, which I helped found. I enjoy playing intramural soccer as much as I can! I hop to one day enter the 3-D Bioprinting field.

Patrick Fortier-Brown
Vice President of Student Student Entertainment
Major: Marketing with a Minor in Management


For more information about Student Entertainment and their upcoming events, visit their website here.

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