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About Us

UMSG General Information

University of Maine Student Government Inc. (UMSG) is a 501(c) Non-Profit Organization built with the intention of improving student life here on campus. With a yearly budget of roughly $750,000, from the undergraduate activity fee administered every semester, this organization works tirelessly to give that money back to the students in a manner consistent with any large corporation. Through a swift and efficient system of bureaucracy the money is allocated every week back to the over 200 clubs and organizations on campus. Beyond the allocation of money to clubs and organizations, this budget also covers the expenses to host big concerts or events at a low cost to the undergraduate students.

When the Senators and Executives are not allocating money, they are representing every student on this campus , and have the ability to accomplish any task or challenge provided. There have been many resolutions passed in favor of or opposed to legislation that directly effects students even beyond this campus. This organization is simply the voice of a constituency of students that see problems they want to fix everyday; even though it is close this campus is not yet perfect and this organization is here to help it become so.

Students sitting at a table