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Maine Success Stories

The UMaine Business Challenge (UBC) is committed to the vision of encouraging business growth in Maine. As such, the UBC has decided to occasionally feature current successful Maine businesses on our site to acknowledge their successes and encourage other’s successes.

Everywhere you turn you see negative news about our economy and the state of small business in Maine. We are here to tell you that it’s not all negative! We want to give credit to those businesses that have committed themselves to staying in this great state and the wherewithal to create successful and sustainable business in Maine.

Furthermore, it is our sincerest hope that these stories will be a form of motivation for you, the entrepreneur. Its businesses like this and people like YOU that will get us off the bottom of Forbes List and closer to our goal of moving from 50 to 35 by 2021.

If you have any suggestions for local businesses that should be on this list please email the company name and contact information to or share it with us on Facebook or Twitter.


Featured Success Story



It’s April and the COMPETITION is this month (April 21st)! Several of our competitors have products they are prototyping and producing so we thought Kent Peterson of Fluid Imaging Technologies would be a great pick for this installment of Maine Success Stories!


Past Stories




Ry Russell

For this edition of Maine Success Story, the UBC team interviewed Ry Russell, a (very) young entrepreneur, and Vice President of VR Marketing Consultants LLC, regarding his experiences as an entrepreneur in the state of Maine. Here’s the full interview.

Charles Friedman

For our new Maine success story, UBC met with Charles Friedman, founder and president of Flowfold. Started in 2011, Flowfold makes wallets and accessories using high tech racing sailcloth used by the world’s sailing elite. But there’s more to this amazing story. Click here to find out!

Baxter Brewing Co.Luke Livingston

Our first company has earned the founder Luke Livingston a place in Forbes Magazine in their ‘Top 30 under 30.’ This company is Baxter Brewing Co. based out of Lewiston, ME. Learn more about why Forbes thinks Baxter Brewing and Luke have a bright future!