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Tom Myers

UBC: What would it mean to you and to your business to win the UMaine Business Challenge?

Tom: To win the UMaine Business Challenge would be a huge leap forward for the progression of the company. This would provide the necessary information and knowledge to actually start the business. The prize money, coupled with the owner’s own capital investment, would be enough to start up the company and purchase all of the necessary equipment in full, without having to take on any debt whatsoever. This would put the company on a fast-track to production and to the break-even point.

UBC: You have many challenges on your road to entrepreneurship and to conquer these will inevitable take hard work and dedication. With that in mind, what is the inspiration behind starting your own business?

Tom: I have always been very ambitious, dreaming up different business ideas from a very young age. Even through my adolescent years I would also be assessing different job environments and thinking of how I would do things differently. This drive naturally carried over to a desire to start and run my own business.

UBC: Part of the mission of the UBC is to take Maine from 51 to 35 on best states for business. Why have you decided to start your business in Maine?

Tom: Quite simply, I love this state. I grew up here and have enjoyed it very much. From the variety of the seasons; the numerous recreational activites; from skiing to hiking to dirtbiking; to the fall foliage what isn’t there to love?

UBC: We love our Alma Mater, so we have to ask, what’s your favorite thing about UMaine?

Tom: My favorite thing about the UMaine system would have to be the variety of different things offered. There is something for everyone. I wouldn’t have thought that there would even have been a competition like this, yet there is. Having such a wide variety of opportunities available to you is quite exciting.

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