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UMaine Business Challenge

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Home - Spencer Wood – Body Guard

Spencer Wood (Left)

UBC: What would it mean to you and to your business to win the UMaine Business Challenge?

Spencer: For me, it would be an opportunity I would pursue with a fiery passion. I have dreamt of owning a successful business since I was a young man. I have always had concrete ideas and visions of how the Body Guard can “Protect Your Self-Image” and the lives it can touch. Winning the UMaine Business Challenge would afford me the opportunity to transform my ideas and visions into realities. In addition, it would also provide me with a platform from which I could help to improve the livelihood, bodies, and self-esteem of others while developing another successful business in the state ofMaine.

UBC: You have many challenges on your road to entrepreneurship and to conquer these will inevitably take hard work and dedication. With that in mind, what is the inspiration behind starting your own business?

Spencer: The inspiration behind starting my own business stems from the true passion and confidence I have in this product. I know, firsthand, that this product can improve one’s full-body fitness and overall self-esteem because it had this impact on me. Regular use of the Body Guard has helped me fine-tune and polish my body and self-image into one that I am proud of. I know, if given the opportunity, that the Body Guard will do the same for others.

In terms of the dedication and hard work that is required to start a business, I am motivated and mentally prepared to take this next step. Challenge, dedication, and hard work are all part of being a NCAA Division I student-athlete and over the past four years I have become well versed in these areas. Dedicating myself to the success of this company will not only motivate me to work extremely hard, but it will also put a smile on my face and determination in my heart.

UBC: Part of the mission of the UBC is to take Maine from 51 to 35 on best states for business. Why have you decided to start your business in Maine?

Spencer: I have decided to start my own business in the state of Maine because I truly enjoy living, studying, working, and recreating in Maine. I will be graduating this May with a Bachelor of Arts degree and I fully intend on staying right here at the University of Maine for two more years so that I can pursue a Master of Science degree in Human Development. My past four years here in Maine have been life-changing. In my time here, I have created a strong network of friends and colleagues as well as enduring memories, and for these reasons I can confidently say that I would like to call Maine the home of the Body Guard.

UBC: We love our Alma Mater, so we have to ask, what’s your favorite thing about UMaine?

Spencer: My favorite part about the University of Maine is the multiplicity of rich and diverse experiences and opportunities that are available to students. The University of Maine recruited me as a freshman and gave me the opportunity to play NCAA Division I football. From there, I seized the opportunity to get involved on our campus and in our local communities so that I could educate myself about all the opportunities available to me and lead others to new opportunities as well. Opportunity is the engine of this University. No matter what you want to do, this school has something to offer you ranging from peer education groups and outing clubs to sustainability projects and business challenges. My favorite thing about the University of Maine is that it offers to its students the chance to explore and seize a wide variety of opportunities.

One only needs to take a look at my University of Maine transcript and my personal resume to see that I have taken full advantage of my time here. The chance to involve myself in this UMaine Business Challenge has added to the rich and diverse experiences and opportunities offered to me, and it has only added to my love for the University of Maine.

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