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College Preparation Center - Financial Literacy

FAME’s Financial Aid Night  (Financial Aid presentation from UB Reunion January 2014) and live, in-person Financial Aid Nights throughout Maine!

Apply for your FAFSA PIN (Free Application for Federal Student Aid Personal Identification Number)! Students and parents/guardians – you will each need your own PIN. This number serves as your electronic signature on the FAFSA form. Students, keep your PIN. It will be yours throughout college.

Fill out your FAFSA. Remember, you need to fill out your FAFSA every year that you are planning to be in school. Use these tips for filling out the FAFSA.

Applying to a private school? Chances are, you will have to fill out the Profile. Some deadlines can be as early as November. Get started today!

FAME, the Finance Authority of Maine, has financial planning tools that can help you prepare for college tuition bills.

Check out FAME’s NextGen College Savings Program, hosted through Upward Bound as the SAVER Program. UB students can choose to have some or all of their UB stipends allocated towards this savings account. Ask your UB Counselor for more details!

FAME has some more great ways to save for college, too!

Use the FAFSA forecaster, created by FAME, to determine what your Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) will be for your college bills. The EFC is the portion of your bill that colleges expect you to pay. It is not covered by grants or loans. However, if you receive scholarships or have savings, this money can be applied to the EFC. The EFC is based on your family’s income.

Play FAME’s “Get a Life” game! It is a great way to learn about the costs associated with living on your own after high school/during college.

Graduating from college? Want help paying your student loans? Check out Opportunity Maine!

FAME presents Busting the Five Biggest Saving for College Myths!

WBUR news story “Why Americans Spend Too Much” – Listen Now!

The University of Maine’s Employee Assistance Program offers Financial Workshops, which are now recorded and available online! You’re never too young to start learning about financial planning. Listen today!

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