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Math Science Summer Program - Watch Groups

The UMaine UB community is divided into approximately 5 Watch Groups.  The Watch Group is a group of about 8 students and 2 staff members led by a trained and UB-experienced facilitator.

At the beginning of the program, the groups are a space where new students can meet and really get to know at least 8 other people. There, they begin to make connections and learn about the program.

The Watch Groups continue throughout the summer; they become a place to vent, talk about the UB experience, learn, share highs and lows — you name it.  They meet each Thursday night after an All-Program event.  Events in past summers have included:

  • Performances about domestic violence (“Jake and Caroline” by York County Young Adult Abuse Prevention Program)
  • Beverly Mann (a performance artist that uses masks and speaks to the implication of masks in our day to day lives)
  • Steve Wessler, the Director of The Center for the Prevention of Hate Violence.

After several meetings, the groups become a safe, established space for folks to share reactions to the sometimes challenging and emotional issues that have been presented.  Often, students hear strains of experiences that are familiar, and then they have a way to talk (or start) talking about it.


 A watch group meets on the mall in front of Fogler Library, 2009

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