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Math Science Summer Program - Student Introduction to the Program

UBMS Student Handbook 2013

You are a Upward Bound Math Science student! This summer has the opportunity to be a huge learning experience for you, both academically and socially.  You have the chance to learn about yourself: your strengths and challenges as a learner, your power as a team member and how people respond to your personality.  Remember, you already possess everything you need to be successful. Upward Bound will simply give you the tools to bring these qualities alive!

Summer program is your opportunity to ask scientific questions and critically think about the potential answers, because this is essentially what you will be doing all summer! The methods of math and science allow us to answer the questions our world offers, such as: What is the effect of the magnetic field on plant growth?  Which metals have the highest conductivity? What probability issues are tied to the Monte Hall question? What impact does human activity have on climate change?

As the summer goes on, you will be asked to act more and more like a college student.  Simply put: we believe that if we treat you like college students, then you will act like college students.  This is our attempt to prepare you for your college experience.

2013 UBMS All-Program Picture

Upward Bound Math Science Summer Program, 2013

UBMS Students on the Mall in front of Boardman Hall
Summer 2012

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