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Math Science Summer Program - Bridge

*2013 UBMS Bridge Application

Often described as the culminating event of the Upward Bound experience, the Bridge program is designed to expose students to a myriad of college level academic work/research in the summer between one’s graduation form high school to their first semester in college the following fall semester. All UB students interested in the Bridge experience must apply for consideration, as it is not a guaranteed part of Upward Bound program, it is an earned privilege. We have designed our Bridge program to be a summer of final preparation before entering that first year of college, and we find that by tempering our students with rigorous but achievable academic goals, that they are all the stronger for having the experience.


Bridge students partake in the Math-Science Symposium.

The Math Science Bridge students are engaged in both a group learning experience (see Math-Science Summer program) and a culminating individual project that pushes our students to choose a research topic in which they can produce college level quality learning outcomes. With the help of faculty (both form the University of Maine, and form other prestigious institutes), and summer staff, our M/S Bridge students work on cutting edge research projects that give them collegial research experience even before they enter their first semester.

IMG_37172009 Bridge Class at their end of the summer banquet.

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