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Academics - STEM Symposium & A Journal of Explorations

Culmination of the Individual Research Project

The completion of the Individual Research Project has two outcomes: student poster presentation for judges at the STEM Symposium and inclusion of the student’s research paper in A Journal of Explorations.

STEM Symposium

The Symposium is an annual event that allows our students to display their Individual Research Project work in the form of professional posters and presentations. Modeled after a professional conference-style meeting, students gain experience with written, visual, and oral communication skills. The posters are created in conjunction with Scientific Writing class, where students have access to instruction and software programs, and are given guidelines for completion of each poster section throughout the summer. These posters are printed for display at the STEM Symposium, which is held on the last Monday night of the program from 5-9pm. Students practice their presentations with staff prior to the event, polishing their skills. Each student has three judges who are independent volunteers, and are usually professors, graduate students or community professionals. During their allotted times, students present to one judge at a time, while other students circulate (and are free to ask questions of the presenters when they are not being judged). While students have the chance to present their individual research to the Math-Science Program, judges convene to discuss those who deserve award recognition. The following honors are awarded:

• Most Thorough Oral Presentation

• Best Poster (Written/Graphical) Display

• Best Overall (Most Professional Presentation)

It is often difficult to decide how to choose one student over another; all of their work is truly impressive and deserving of recognition.  Please see A Journal of Explorations for a compendium of their written work.

Chhay Chhoeu Displays his 2012 Research Poster
Student Participant in the Connell Lab 

A Journal of Explorations

Group and Individual Research Project papers are completed throughout the summer and published in A Journal of Explorations. Each student’s written work may be his/her most difficult task, and is a critical component of the program. Students submit their group project papers as co-authors. As contributors, students are presented with their issue of A Journal of Explorations during the awards banquet at the end of summer program. Student publications are an important part of evaluating the effectiveness of our integrated curriculum, as well as the individual project components.

A Journal of Explorations Cover, Summer 2012

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