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Scientific Writing - Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

We encourage you to seek scientific literature. If websites are used, they should be from .edu or .org sources. Peer-reviewed journal articles can be downloaded for free through the University of Maine Fogler Library site: using your Maine Card. From the Fogler home page, there are several paths to choose. A recommended path is as follows: Click on “Indexes and Databases.” Go go “G” and find “Google Scholar.” You can, of course, get to Google Scholar without going through this portal, but articles will not be free. In Google Scholar, type in a short phrase describing your project. A list of articles will appear. To the right of these are potential sources for each article. Click on a source. For example, “Full Text @ My Library” is one of those sources. You will have the ability to download the pdf.

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