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Academics - Individual Research Projects

Individual Projects give Math Science students the opportunity to investigate questions they may have about the world around them – how and why things work the way they do. Through experimental research and exploration, under the academic guidance of a graduate student or faculty member, students learn new ways to answer these questions.

Students take ownership of the details and course of the research, while mentors guide students on best practices in research within their academic field and in the general scientific community. Individual projects are held Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 1:15–4:15. Often, during their second or third summer, students will have the chance to explore research in a university laboratory, under the guidance of graduate students and faculty. As part of the program, students have the opportunity to submit their research projects to the Seimens Competition.

UBMS Student Preparing Plates of Maple Syrup for Microbial Analysis Annis Lab, Summer 2012

In conjunction with this project, rising juniors and seniors take a Scientific Writing course, which walks them through the process of writing a scientific paper and assists in editing the grammatical and technical part of the writing.  We require students to use peer-reviewed journal articles for their background research! These papers are staff and peer-reviewed and ultimately published in our in-house A Journal of Explorations.


Best Overall STEM Symposium Bridge Student, 2013

IMG_2520STEM Symposium, 2013

Students present their work on the last Monday evening of the summer program at the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) Symposium. Final products also include written work in the form of a scientific paper, based on models from their particular discipline.

UBMS Students Wait for Judge’s Decisions at the 2012 STEM Symposium

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