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Group Project - Group Research and Group Design Projects

Group Research Project

The Group Research Project is a chance for students to work in a group and learn from faculty and graduate students about a particular field of research. Under the umbrella of a unifying theme, there are usually three experimental segments to the project. Typically, the first experiment is a chance to learn and practice technique. The second experiment builds upon the first, and may produce some data that can be analyzed. The third experiment is entirely the group’s design – you get to help your group decide on a question and how to design the experiment. The group project stresses teamwork, group learning, experimental design and analysis (statistics) and communicating the findings to the rest of the students and staff.

UBMS Students Walking to UMaine Ice Core Lab in 2012

Group Design/Innovation Project

The Group Design Project focuses on student creativity through the development of innovative inventions for STEM researchers. Using problems posed by scientists in various STEM fields on the University of Maine campus, UBMS student groups  collaboratively develop either “works like” or “looks like” models of inventions grounded in scientific literacy to solve real-world problems. Students work with the University of Maine Foster Center for Student Innovations to “plan, do, study, and act” their innovations into reality. The Group Design Project incorporates the documentation of the invention process, from idea generation through development and communication/marketing phases of the project,  through group video creation. A short professional paper describing and depicting the design accompanies the video.


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