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Group Project - Group Project Video Judging Criteria/Rubric

UBMS Group Project: Video Judging Criteria

    Videos will be judged based on the criteria below.

    Each criterion is worth 20 percent of the total score.

A) Content – 20 percent

    Script – how closely the video covers the specified topic guidelines

    Creativity – the overall originality of the video; use of original ideas, illustrations and style

    Coherence – does the video meet the objectives, (i.e. show the process of invention development from beginning to end of summer program)?

    Practicality – does the video give the viewer answers or realistic tools that makes them want to fund the next phase of invention?

B) Quality of Production – 20 percent

    Visual Aesthetics – the appearance of the video

    Cinematography – quality of the audio, lighting, camera steadiness

    Adherence to time limit (15 minutes +2 minutes)

C) Technical Skill – 20 percent

     Camera operation

    Video Editing

D) Final Product – 20 percent

    Cohesiveness

    Overall Creativity

    Overall Accuracy of Information

    Overall Video Quality

    Overall Inspirational Quality

E) Post-Video Personal Reflection and Audience Questions – 20 percent

 Personal Reflection – each group member thoughtfully discussesinterpersonal/social learnings from group work, the highlights and challenges (5 min for whole group)

 Professional and Knowledgeable – Each group member answers questions from audience regarding video, invention or interpersonal reflection after video has been presented

  Investment – each student asks at least one question of presenters

*Please dress professionally during presentations

                                                                                Scoring Rubric

Judging Criteria Poor(0-3 pts) Good(4-6 pts) Excellent (7-10pts) Score
Content Script covers the specified components listed in guidelines Video speaks to the specified audience

 Video is creative and original in regards to illustrations, style and ideas

 Video is coherent and meets the educational objectives

Message does not conform to specified guidelines and objectives.Video does not hold audience attention; illustrations do not aid viewer.Product is not               coherent; has low educational value. Overall message/content covered is satisfactory; portions of the content were not sufficiently covered.Video is creative and original and uses proper illustrations; contains some inspirational /educational value. 


Video does an excellent job at accomplishing goals and objectives.Video is innovative and creativeVideo has strong         inspirational quality.

Overall compelling, informative message with strong educational value.



Quality of Production Visual effect is appropriate for  audience 

  Cinematography including audio, sound and lighting


 Adherence to time limit

Visual effects areextremely low quality and do not target intended audience.Lighting distracts from ability to view product.

Limited ability to hear the presentation; audio is difficult to understand.


Video does not stay within specified time limit.

Visual effects target theintended audience and not distract from the ability to understand the video’s message.Lighting enables the audience to view the videos with clarity.

Audio in video is clear; volume levels are appropriate and consistent.


Video adheres to the specified time constraints.

Visual effectstarget the intended audience and are creative.Audio is clear and appropriate.

Music and sound effects are consistent with the actions on the screen, and enhance communication of message.


Video adheres to the specified

time constraints.

Technical Skill Does the camera operator demonstrates skill needed to operate device? 

 Video editing evident?

Camera operator does not demonstrate the skill needed to operate device.Video is improperly edited with rapid transitions.Video is poorly executed. Camera operator demonstrates mechanical and technical skills needed to operate the machine.Uses various camera angles that aid the audience in viewing the video.Production team demonstrates displays familiarity with editing tools and the equipment. Video is edited in a manner that is seamless and editor displays familiarity with equipment; contains smooth transitions.Camera operator demonstrates ability to skillful operate device.Uses camera angels that enhance the viewing experience.
Final Product Overall Cohesiveness Overall Creativity

 Overall Accuracy of Information

 Overall Inspirational Quality

 Overall Video Quality

Lacks cohesiveness.Video is not creative and original.The information contained in the video is not accurate.

Video is of low quality and audio is unintelligible.

Overall video covers thespecified guidelines and is creative.Information contained in the video is accurate.

Video meets the specified guidelines and objectives.

Video inspires funding of invention/design.

Video contains smooth transitionsVideo has a unique, innovative approach; it meets guidelines.Video is accurate and informative.

Video inspires funding of invention/design and sparks desire to invent within viewer.

Video has superior quality.




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