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Academics - College Visits and Seminar Classes

Junior and Senior College Visits allow rising juniors and seniors to explore Maine college options through campus tours throughout summer program.


UBMS Students and Staff, Visiting Unity College, June 28, 2013

Senior Seminar is designed to prepare rising seniors for their senior year, including Bridge eligibility deadlines, the college application process and financial aid processes. Major portions of the class include college essay writing, developing a Curriculum Vita (Brag Sheet) and resume, as well as filling out three college applications.

Becky's Sr Sem Class*

Senior Seminar Class, 2013

Bridge Seminar provides Bridge students the opportunity to have a direct voice to the full-time staff, allowing them to voice concerns and address issues arising within the Upward Bound community.  In addition, this class is the Bridge students’ time to make sure they submitted all necessary acceptance and financial aid paperwork to their intended colleges and that students make contact with their future Financial Aid Offices and Registrar Offices.  During this class, the Bridge students also plan their Bridge trip.  

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