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Academic Curriculum - General Academic Goals

General Academic Goals

Goal 1: To involve students in learning scientific concepts and the scientific process by “doing” real science.

Goal 2: To provide learning experiences that integrate mathematics, statistics, computer modeling and experimental science

Goal 3: To maintain a high level of enthusiasm and excitement in the teaching-learning environment

Goal 4: To increase the mathematics skills of participants

Goal 5: To increase students’ standardized test scores.

Goal 6: To increase the written and oral communication, discussion and critical thinking skills of participants

Goal 7: To prepare students for the college application process and provide opportunities for them to qualify for several science- based scholarships

Goal 8: To increase the level of collaboration and cooperation in the teaching/learning environment, including adapting the teaching/learning environment to meet the developmental needs of all students.

Goal 9: To increase the ease with which students balance a heavy course load with college-level academics, the comfort with which they navigate a college campus and the proficiency with which they develop healthy time-management skills.

Goal 10: To connect students to professional contacts (faculty, graduate students) who might help them achieve their goals of entering a STEM college major and career field.

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