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Academic Year Services - Academic Expectations

Since UB is an academic preparation program, we maintain the following HIGH academic standards.

1. Students must demonstrate consistent attendance in high school.

2. Students must maintain a minimum “B” average and not earn any “D” or “F” in any core curriculum classes.

3. If the student fails to meet the expectation listed in #2, he/she will be placed on academic probation for the following quarter. The student will be expected to sign an academic contract, work with a tutor, and fax weekly progress report signed by teachers to the UB counselor. Other stipulations may also be required, as agreed upon by student and counselor

4. A list of students on academic probation will be reviewed at each staff meeting to be sure each student is fulfilling their contract and receiving all the services needed to be successful.

5. If a student does not improve after two quarters because of lack of effort and willingness to fulfill the contract, the situation will be reviewed. The student is then a risk of dismissal from the program.

UB also awards HARD WORK! Students who maintain a B average or better will be eligible for the UB Director’s List at the end of each quarter. Any student who is on the Director’s List for 3 out of the 4 quarters will receive an additional monetary stiped at the conclusion of the summer program.

UBMS PreCalculus Student and Instructor
Summer 2012


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