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Tutor Program FAQ

How does group tutoring work and what should I expect?

Students work with peer tutors in small groups of 4 – 6 students, who are all in the same course and have the same professor. Groups meet two times weekly, every week throughout the semester.

Tutoring sessions are held Monday -Thursday, during the day or evening or Fridays during the day and are conducted in classrooms on campus. 

Course material is not “re-taught” to students in the traditional sense.  Instead, tutors use the course material to develop learning strategies and other hands-on activities that require students to work and manipulate the subject matter.  As a result, students develop effective strategies and critical thinking skills.

When will I get assigned to a group?

Given the variety of student schedules it can take time to be assigned.  We ask for your patience as we may have to make adjustments to tutors schedules and may need to hire and train additional tutors, which takes time. If you have not heard from the Tutor Program in ten working days, please call the office at 581-2351.

An assignment letter will be sent to you via First Class, which will include the tutor’s name and the days and times of the tutor sessions.

Please note:

Group times are subject to change in order to complete groups and accommodate the demand for tutoring. This is avoided when possible, but sometimes necessary given the available resources.       

When do I contact my tutor to find the location of my tutoring sessions?

The emailed assignment letter contains the meeting days and times.  Once the tutor picks up their assignment information of the group, the tutor reserves a location with the Tutor Program office staff.  Room reservations can take up to 48 hours depending on the time of the semester. 

What are my responsibilities before and during the first group session?

Read the contract, print and sign this document to bring to the first session.  Missing the first session constitutes being dropped from small group tutoring. 

Bring ALL books and materials relevant to the course. (i.e., the course syllabus, class notes, tests, reading assignments, etc.)

What are my responsibilities for tutoring throughout the semester?

Attend all classes, recitations, and labs. Tutoring is not to be used as a substitute for class instruction.

Go prepared to each and every session.  This includes completing all reading and homework assignments as well as work assigned by your tutor prior to your scheduled meeting time.  Tutoring sessions are not homework sessions.

Email the Tutor Program and your tutor 24 hours in advance with the reason why you cannot attend a regularly scheduled session.  Services will be discontinued at  THREE missed sessions*.

*Given the volume of work and the speed at which the semester progresses, students cannot afford to miss or be unprepared for tutoring sessions. Students who do not meet these responsibilities will lose their tutoring privileges for the current semester.  If there are extenuating circumstances, please contact the Tutor Program office at 581-2351. 

Will my professor know I am being tutored?

Tutors  are encouraged to meet with instructors.  The intent is to clarify expectations of the instructor; course prerequisites and how tutors may best assist their groups. We ask that you do this, too.  Professors are considered the primary resource of information and assistance for any course. Working with professors may well eliminate the need for tutoring!         

What if I get a job, add/drop a course, or change my grade status to audit or pass/fail?

Any changes to the class/work schedule, made during the initial sign-up, needs to be communicated to the Tutor Program office as they occur.  Please understand these changes may affect your current status in a group or delay being assigned to a group. Students are no longer eligible for tutoring once they change their grade option to audit or pass/fail.  In any event, keep the Tutor Program informed!

What if I do not like my tutor or the group dynamics?

If there are concerns about the progress of the group, group dynamics, and program philosophy, please first share these concerns with the tutor.  It is difficult for tutors to make changes if they are not aware of the problems or contact the Tutor Program office to schedule an appointment to speak with the Assistant Director at 581-2351.

How can I get the most out of my tutoring experience? And should I be concerned if I do not see immediate progress?

To get the most out of tutoring sessions, be an active participant. Tutoring can increase an overall understanding of the material and help improve course grades depending upon the time, energy, effort and commitment made to the learning process. Progress is made by working and learning together over a period of time.

What if I no longer want or need to be tutored?

The Tutor Program’s goal is for each student to develop successful study skills and learning strategies, so that they no longer require academic assistance. To inactivate from the group please notify the Tutor Program email and include the  tutor as well as the reason for the inactivation.  These reasons are documented for program evaluation purposes.

How can I give feedback to the Tutor Program about my tutoring experience?

A Four Week Follow-Up Progress Report is required of all students receiving tutoring services.  This form will be emailed via First Class after four weeks of service.  Its purpose is to assess the degree of satisfaction with tutoring.  The information is also used to evaluate the continued employment of tutors for the following semester.  All comments remain confidential.