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CETA Library

Books, Journals, Newspapers, Videos

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Assessment maintains a Library of Resources available to all teaching faculty. We are always happy to circulate books and materials from our collection on faculty development and trends in higher education to faculty members, professionals, and administrators at the University of Maine.  We ask only that you return the items within two months, so other users can benefit from them. If another user isn’t waiting, we will be happy to extend your loan time.

If you are interested, please call 581-3472, e-mail, or stop by 229 Alumni Hall to view our collection. From our database, we can send you a listing of resources divided by topic (see below), or we can search our database for a particular subject/word and send the information to you.

The Center will be happy to consult with UMaine staff and graduate students about resources we have that match the topic you are interested in. For inquires, please call 581-3472 or email

Library Topics / Catagories (click on title)

  1. Styles of Teaching (PDF)
  2. Assessment (PDF)
  3. Teaching Guides (PDF)
  4. Mentoring/New Faculty (PDF)
  5. Service Learning (PDF)
  6. Active Learning (PDF)
  7. Administration (PDF)
  8. Multicultural/Diversity/Gender (PDF)
  9. Technology (PDF)
  10. Case Studies in Education (PDF)
  11. Issues/Trends in Higher Education (PDF)
  12. Professional Skills & Support (PDF)
  13. Critical Thinking (PDF)
  14. Graduate Students & Adjunct Faculty (PDF)
  15. Advising (PDF)
  16. First Year Students (PDF)
  17. Teaching Adult Learners (PDF)
  18. Evaluation of Teaching (PDF)
  19. Collaborative Teaching/Learning with Team/Group (PDF)
  20. Miscellaneous (PDF)

Complete listing of library resources by title (PDF) or author (PDF)

CETA Library Resources – Journals & Newsletters

Current Journals

  • New Directions for Teaching and Learning
  • Journal on Excellence in College Teaching – Electronic copy–the instruction can be found in the Teaching Excellence FirstClass folder.
  • To Improve the Academy

Current Newspapers & Newsletters

  • The Teaching Professor – The Teaching Professor is now online. The instruction can be found in the Teaching Excellence FirstClass folder.
  • Tomorrows Professor – Electronic form
  • On Course Newsletter – Electronic form
Center for Excellence in Teaching and Assessment