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Tanglewood Residential Camp - Sailing 101

LBC PhotoSpend a week learning to sail!
Sailing 101 is in collaboration with the Lincolnville Boat Club and offers a fantastic week-long sailing program at Norton Pond, a freshwater (i.e. warm!) environment.Days are spent getting to grips with basic sailing skills in “420′s” and lasers, learning about navigation, water safety, knot tying, and nautical terminology. Being immersed in the world of sailing is lot of fun and also teaches you the skills to venture about in all of Maine’s beautiful lakes and ponds. What better way to spend a summer day than out on the water?Campers sleep, and eat breakfast and dinner, at Camp Tanglewood in Lincolnville. So as well as the sailing program, campers also get to participate in some of the residential camp program activities.

  • “Great to learn to sail and be in residential camp at Tanglewood; the best of two worlds”
  • “Loved sailing in the warm water!”

Note: Campers in this program are part of residential camp. For 2013 it will be offered at the same time as our 2-week session (during the first week).  If you are interested in participating in sailing 101 and would like to continue on with the second week of the residential camp, please e-mail Patti Chapman or call her at 789-5868 for more information.

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