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Tanglewood Residential Camp - Farming In Maine

Get a taste of local fare as you explore a different farm each day on this special trip. You’ll have the chance to become an active part of “life on the farm” while working side-by-side with local farmers. ┬áCampers will spend their days adventuring to different local farms, learning about farming or large-scale gardening and helping out. ┬áThere will surely be some weeding and harvesting vegetables and tending animals to keep everyone active.

Afternoons and evenings are spent in camp with all the joys of recreational activities such as swimming, games and evening programs. This unique experience is for those who want a hands-on, hands-dirty good time!

Specific farms to be visited will be updated as summer nears.

Farm Memories

  • “Hay bale stacking: AWESOME and MESSY!”
  • “I milked a cow for the first time”
  • “Being a farmer is hard work”
  • “Fresh cream and butter, yum!”
  • “Horse-powered and local farms are fading away”

Session dates, fees and availability

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