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Tanglewood Residential Camp - Cabins

Rustic and comfortable—staying at camp and living in the forest is packed with fun! Your cabin is not only where you sleep, but somewhere you get to share with your cabin mates and counselors.

Tanglewood’s cabins are each shared by up to 8 campers sharing bunks and 2 counselors on single beds. Girls live in the “Ledges” living unit, while the boys live over in “Habitat”. Campers are assigned to their cabin group based on age and grade. You can request to be in the same cabin as a friend, so long as you are close to their age.

Each living unit has a bath house, so bathrooms and a sink to brush your teeth are always close to home. Also nearby is a unit lodge, a large building where we can spread out a little more with fun things and get together with other cabin groups. Cabin groups get to do a lot of things together, including create a song or skit for the campfire on the last night of camp (so much fun!).

Boys cabin group Outside cabin 35 Inside a cabin Unit bath house Main bath house
Unit lodge Outside cabin 14

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