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Tanglewood, Lincolnville - Summer staff

Many-legs race

At Tanglewood we believe that our camp staff is the key to a successful summer and each year we bring together a terrific group of leaders to create a unique and special camp experience. Tanglewood is a great place, but the staff make camp happen, creating special events, leading activities and helping make sure everyone has a lot of fun and makes good decisions.

Staff are chosen for their personality, creativity, maturity, experience and knowledge. We recruit former campers, college graduates and leaders from other countries. Their understanding of youth, leadership ability, skills and sensitivity to the Earth provide a safe, nurturing and enjoyable experience for all.

What campers say!

The best people to tell you about our staff are our campers! We ask all of our campers to tell us about their counselors and write a few words to describe them. These are the words that were used most often in their descriptions:

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