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Leadership Programs - Leadership Two

Our Leadership 2 (L2) program opens with an 8-day backpacking and canoeing expedition from Frye Mountain to the Atlantic Ocean. And that’s just the beginning.

Exploring the entire length of the St. George watershed, L2 participants travel along the river by foot and canoe, learning about both the natural history and human impacts in this diverse region. By the time they reach the Ocean at Port Clyde, campers have learned a wealth of information from the land, local fishermen, historians and each other.

But that’s not all! Back at camp, L2 continues with more intense and immersed leadership training. Participants lead activities for residential campers, practice role modeling, hold discussions on diversity and build on the leadership and group skills they already possess in advanced team-building workshops. During this time they become a “counselor for a day,” spending 24 hours helping to plan camp activities, sharing cabin duties with counseling staff, and getting a taste of the responsibility that comes with being a counselor.

L2s canoe down river L2 canoe group photo L2s embark on hike Canoeing towards blue skies
Completed service project Canoeing in the bay Drawing with flashlights Silhouettes against the sunset

The second weekend of the program provides yet another chance for L2s to put their skills to the test. This time it’s a multi-day trip to High Island, near Tenants Harbor, where all the packing and logistics are done by the L2′s! In taking charge, they will learn focus, planning, and independence, as well as being able to create a unique and memorable experience, and they will experience the rewards of a trip that’s all their own.

One of the final steps of the L2 program is a full day service project. Whatever the L2 project is, it’s BIG, and whether it’s building a bridge, creating a new trail, or crafting new benches for the camp fire circle, the L2 project is always sure to leave a lasting monument to the teamwork and efforts of every group.

“At Tanglewood, my self-confidence, leadership, and faith in myself and others grows in abundance”
—leadership camper

L2 Memories

  • “Absolutely amazing trip, learning about the St. George watershed was a pleasant surprise”
  • “[It] tested and improved my physical limits”
  • “I learned how a group forms and evolves”
  • “The ability to be 100% ME!”
  • “Increased my cooking abilities … made some great meals over the camping stove”
  • “Able to be a role model for younger campers”

Note: L1 participation is not required to be an L2, but Leadership 2 does require a written letter describing why you want to enroll in the program. Please include your letter with the registration form. Accommodation can be made if writing is a concern.

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