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Leadership Programs - Leadership One

Our Leadership 1 (L1) program introduces teens to the world of outdoor recreation and to the fundamentals of leadership. The course focuses on increasing knowledge of the outdoors, building communication skills and teamwork, and on improving trust and group dynamics. It also fosters lasting friendships and allows teens to practice leadership amongst both their peers and younger campers.

The L1 experience begins with a number of challenging hands-on activities to strengthen the group, encourage problem solving and conflict resolution, and help L1s to understand the concepts of leadership. L1 goes onto provide hands on experience and responsibility by allowing participants to help out with activities in Tanglewood’s Day Camp with guidance from day camp staff. Many participants find the highlight of the two-week program is a 4-day backpacking and canoeing adventure, during which you explore the diverse ecosystems of the Ducktrap watershed while learning to practice low-impact camping, studying nature and build lasting memories and friendships.

elephant skisUpon returning from the trail, L1s are able to make their mark on Tanglewood through a 4-hour service project focused on camp improvement. In the past participants have created trellises for Tanglewood’s garden, helped eradicate invasive species along the watershed and worked on countless improvements to Tanglewood’s, or the wider Camden Hills State park, grounds.

We’re weaving archery into the L1 program starting in 2013 through Maine 4-H Shooting Sports.  L1′s will learn the meditative art of drawing the bow and hitting the target.  Former L1′s requested this program and we are glad to finally be able to meet the growing needs of our teens!

Graduates of the L1 program receive a certificate of achievement, as well as lifelong skills and community service hours. Whether you have been coming to Tanglewood for years, or as your first visit to our woods, L1 is a fantastic introduction to the world of leadership.

“I have become more social and a better public speaker. I LOVE TANGLEWOOD!”
—leadership camper

L1 Memories

  • “Canoeing and t-rescues on Pitcher Pond”
  • “Star gazing”
  • “Hiking for long distances and feeling good”
  • “Great solo time and group time … the stories”
  • Learning different leadership styles”
  • “Finding the leader inside me”

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