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Adventure Trips - St. George River to Sea Canoe Expedition: advanced level, ages 14-16

Open tidal water canoeing on the St. GeorgeMaster the skills of flat-water, river, and ocean canoeing on this 35-mile river to sea adventure. Explore the St. George River from Appleton to Port Clyde through cool ponds, roaring rapids and ocean currents.

Participants will build self-esteem and relationships through the teamwork necessary to successfully explore freshwater and coastal waterways safely.  They will learn and practice wilderness survival skills, leave no trace camping ethics, flat water, river and ocean canoeing, map and compass, and natural history.

Highlights of the trip will in the thrill of accomplishment of high adventure water travel, views of the river from private campsites and marine explorations.

  • Trip levelCampers brave rapids on St. George River
    • Advanced. Good physical condition is a requirement
  • Experience required
    • Previous canoeing experience; must be able to swim
  • Departs from Lincolnville

St George Memories:

  • “Camping in beautiful places with awesome people”
  • “I can do a lot more than I thought I could”
  • “Making so many new friends”
  • “Everybody has to work together when canoeing”


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