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School Programs - Winter programs

Tracking, snowshoeing and entering the world of plants & animals to discover the adaptations that allow life to survive through the cold winter months.

Tanglewood’s winter programs offer students the opportunity to investigate and enjoy Maine’s magical winter landscape.

Wonderful winter habitats

Charged with the task of discovering how living things survive the challenges of winter, students explore both plant and animal communities. Depending on grade level, activities include animal tracking, snow experiments, stories and puppet shows.

“I wish we could come back again! … I think everyone had the best time of their lives!”—5th grade student

Snowshoe trek

An adventure over the snowy winter landscape on snowshoes!

After learning the basics of this easy-to-master sport, students will embark on a learning expedition to discover the mysteries of nature in winter.

Use of snowshoes is included and no prior experience is necessary.

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