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Spring & Fall programs - Village

An innovative program that encourages students to work together and, as a community, create a miniature village in the forest.

Intertwining hands-on learning and their imaginations, students follow the story of the Peeps: miniature people who are trying to survive through the harsh winter months. Students take on the role of the “middle-people” who help the Peeps by discovering ways to adapt for the changing seasons. Study groups become clans within the community, each specializing on a topic and then sharing what they have learned

“Amazing patience and wonderful explanations – very age appropriate”

—parent chaperone

The animal trackers clan investigate animal habitats; the food gatherers plants; the water bearers the water cycle; the storytellers stories & songs; the artists art and the shelter builders traditional skills. The number of clans depends on class size.

Village is a four-part program, with two visits in the fall, one in the winter and culminates with a final closing ceremony in the spring.

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