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Spring & Fall programs - Freshwater & watershed exploration

Getting up-close and personal with the Ducktrap river and our pond, students discover the interdependent lifestyles of the creatures that live and grow in fresh water.

Of course the story of freshwater is not limited to rivers and ponds. Through discovery-oriented activities students gain an understanding of the necessary role clean water plays in the lives of the trees, plants and animals in and along the river. In the springtime these connections can be extremely evident during the shad run, as birds of prey follow the migrating shoals.

Our pond allows students to become familiar with backswimmers, frogs, and other animals and aquatic plants in the fragile riverine ecosystem. We are also extremely fortunate that the Ducktrap river, which runs through Tanglewood, is one of only a handful of rivers to sustain a native population of Atlantic Salmon. This allows us to investigate the salmon habitat, and lead onto investigating migrations.

“My students written reflections showed an amazing amount of learning”
—5th grade teacher

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