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School Programs - Community Resources for Environmental Wellness: CREW

The CREW program is a leadership program designed to engage teens (8th grade- 12th grade) in service-learning projects with younger children.  CREW members will participate in a train the trainer model where they receive the tools necessary to execute a service learning project with younger children.  By participating in this training teen mentors will receive:
•    Ecology and sustainability training
•    Leadership and facilitation training
•    Curriculum resources and guidance
•    Teaching materials
•    Service Learning training
•    Continuing support from Tanglewood Staff
•    Ownership of planning and creating service learning projects
•    The ability to positively change their community

The training is a two or three day training held at Tanglewood or Blueberry Cove.  Smaller day-long trainings or trainings at an off-site facility are also a possibility.  By the end of the trainings the teens will have goals and plans in place to act as junior naturalists. CREW members will return to their community to work with a younger group of students to teach them about the natural world and ultimately support the younger students in implementing a sustainability service learning project.

Tanglewood staff would be available to assist in planning and implementation of the service project including logistics, media coverage, budget management, and establishing the mentee relationship.

Contact Information:

Leah Trommer: for more information or call 207-789-5805.

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